Cyber-bullying class pledge

Bluebirds discussed the dangers of cyber-bullying today and they created a class pledge together:

Our class pledge is to stop cyber bullying because….
-It is damaging and makes the victim feel hurt, upset, angry, scared and humiliated.

– The victim can always be reached so there is no escape for them and they never feel safe.

– Once information about the victim is on the internet, it is there forever and can be seen by lots of people.

Plant experiment

Bluebirds were eager to investigate how water travels through plants so set up experiments with lilies, celery and lots of food colouring! They examined the plants after 10 minutes, 2 1/2 hours and then 17 hours later. There were gasps of delight and amazement the next morning as children arrived into class! Children learnt that the xylem (similar to a tube, like a straw) takes water around plants. Look at our fantastic photos!

Conflict resolution

Bluebirds discussed conflict resolution during a circle time today. They talked about the meaning of the words and how they could apply this to daily life within school.

Children considered how to avoid making matters worse by becoming physical or shouting, try to be in the “other person’s shoes (imagine how they feel), avoid putting the other person down and blaming them, listen to each other’s view without interrupting (active listening!). The children thought about who could help to solve conflict in school.

The children realised how important talking together really is, especially when they heard the story of the Two Ladies and a Lemon!

Remembrance Day

Bluebirds discussed Remembrance Day this afternoon. They heard how the First World War ended at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh year which is when we remember soldiers who have lost their lives during any war.

Children discovered poppies were the first thing to grow in the field where soldiers fought which is why they are significant. Bluebirds learnt how British Legion use they money collected from the sale of poppies.

Kezi – We remember soldiers who died in service. We are silent for 2 minutes which is 120 seconds.

Sophie – Wreaths are lay at special monuments.

Evie – I am going to church parade to remember with the Brownies this Sunday.

Amber – My Uncle was a soldier.

Melissa – We have made felt poppy wreaths in afterschool club.

Rubi – Poppies were the first flowers to grow in the fields where the soldiers died.

Video: Presenting a wildlife show

Mrs Parry asked Bluebirds to imagine they were presenting a wildlife show. The episode was to advise people about how to catch a dragon. In groups, children composed a set of instructions to present orally to the rest of the class. Each group was responsible in providing feedback for another group so carefully listening was also required!

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Instruction writing

This week, Bluebirds have started looking at instruction writing. To see what they could remember about writing them they wrote a set of instructions about how to build a Stone Age shelter.

After writing non chronological reports last half term, the class are experts in Dragonology so set to work sequencing a set of instructions about how to catch a dragon. After ordering them, some children were able to compose instructions including time conjunctions, imperative (bossy) verbs, adverbs and prepositions.

The importance of friends

Bluebirds value their friends for many different reasons. They discussed the importance of why they have friends.

Here are some:

Children looked up the meaning of “compliment” and thought about the different ways in which they could pay a friend a compliment such as in appearance, ability and quality of character.

Evie complimented Naly in being funny and entertaining. Naly told Evie she was beautiful.
Lexis complimented Dana on being kind and helpful to everyone.
Kennie complimented Cory on his smart new hair cut.
Yusif complimented Huey on being clever and having good behaviour.
Chandler complimented Joey on being a good friend and always making him laugh.
Kiall complimented Demi on being artistic and creating fantastic pictures.
Poppy complimented Megan on her blue eyes “like the ocean.”

Harvest Festival

Bluebirds discovered why Harvest Festival is celebrated. They discussed lots of different reasons to be thankful during this time and felt it was also for giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. Lots of appropriate words could be made using the letters of HARVEST including HAVE, EARTH, HEART, REST, EAT, SHARE, and STARVE. The class composed a class acrostic poem and made individual ones too.

Black History: Nelson Mandela

As part of Black History Month, Bluebirds have been learning all about Nelson Mandela. The class were dismayed to hear that black and white people had separate restaurants, schools and even buses!

Sophia – When he went to prison for so long he would have missed seeing his children grow up.
Melissa – I am glad it’s not like that now because I wouldn’t be able to be with my good friend Kezi.
Niah – I’m pleased I wasn’t alive when that happened as I wouldn’t have been allowed to see my Uncle.