Chemical change

Today, Bluebirds discussed how a chemical change occurs (either by giving off heat, colour or a smell and changing shape or size. The children experienced a chemical change when they conducted an experiment. They filled a plate with full fat milk and added drops of food colouring. Next they placed a cocktail stick, dipped in detergent, vertically into the mixture.

What happened?
Evie – It looks like it’s changing back to just milk.
Brooke Ba – it’s like the milk and colours doesn’t like the washing up liquid and is moving away from it.
Harry – One liquid is stronger than the other.
Poppy – it’s because they a different liquids.
Amber – The detergent thinks the colours are dirt and is separating them.

Why did this happen?

The children loved the “magic milk” experiment. Here are some photos of them conducting the experiment:

Spelling Bee Champions!

This morning, our class finalists (Megan, Kezi, Evie, Harry, Phoebe, Kennie, Elliott, Yusif and Demi), took part in their first Bells Farm Spelling Bee competition in the school hall. They were very brave as this was in front of the rest of the school, speaking into a microphone!

A huge congratulations to Demi and Kezi who were the winners in their category of spelling words. Their fellow classmates were very supportive and proud of them. Congratulations!

Kezi was spelling Year 5 and 6 words – fantastic!

Angles, Lines and Shapes!

Year 3 have been busy working through their final Maths topics over the last week or so.

The children spotted right angles around the room, realising they were everywhere! They learnt about Obtuse and Acute angles and identified where they were in 2D shapes. The class identified parallel and perpendicular lines around our room. Today, children have been choosing a shape and describing the properties to a friend, to see if they can guess the shape, hidden in their hand!

Sophie’s Scratch homework

Well done to Sophie who has been working on two different projects on Scratch at home. Sophie has further developed her understanding of Scratch and the different areas of coding within the program.

Mr Baddhan is delighted at Sophie’s desire and perseverance to complete these two programs.

Let us know what you think of them by leaving a comment below.

Dance Fight

Naughty Squid

Being Hopeful and Visionary

Bluebirds learnt all about the social situation in USA during the lifetime of Dr Martin Luther King. They discovered that black people and white people were treated differently and were shocked to hear they were segregated, having different schools, buses and restaurants. Martin Luther King wanted to challenge these rules because it was unfair and led a number of peaceful protests. The class listened to part of the original speech that he made called “I have a dream.” The class were sad to hear he was assassinated and found out that he is honoured every year on this birthday, which was 15th of January. Learning about MLK has helped the class to develop an understanding of aspirations for society of a committed Christian.

Arts Week: Andy Goldsworthy

This week, Bluebirds have been studying the work of sculptor and artist, Andy Goldsworthy. They discovered he uses natural materials to create his art with materials such as leaves, stones, sticks, sand and even ice!

Bluebirds decided to create individual collages in the style of Andy Goldsworthy by using seeds, lentils and chick peas, fir cones and other natural items found around school. Using his leaf picture as inspiration, it was decided to embark on a whole class piece but this time, using all the colours of the rainbow. To create the leaves, children experimented with different types of techniques with paint. This included blowing paint with straws, using bubbles in paint, painting over wax and printing using sponges, cotton reels and fruit!

Afterwards, the whole class got to work to cut out leaf shapes from all their painted work. There was some fantastic effects created! Finally, these were arranged in a colourful collage in the style of our artist.

Sikh Courage

Today, Bluebirds heard the story of Baisakhi and considered the feelings of the five volunteers who entered the tent with the Guru. Each time a volunteer entered, only the Guru appeared, with a sword which was covered in blood. The class predicted what they thought had happened and thought of how they would feel in that situation.