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Listen: Poetry performance

Before Christmas, Bluebirds enjoyed reading the poem “The Night Before Christmas” and looked at the layout and rhyming couplets.

They also investigated the meaning of unknown words as this poem is quite old fashioned in places! Since returning to school, Bluebirds have been looking at the features in the poem “January Brings the Snow” and have made a recording of it for you to hear. Again this poem has some dated language which initiated lots of chat and investigation into unfamiliar language. Boys and girls took it in turn to read a verse each and tried hard to perform in unison.

Being fair and just

Bluebirds talked about the meaning of being fair and thought of situations and examples of what was fair and unfair, both in school and in the world.

Then children then heard the story of Jacob and Esau from the Bible and watched a cartoon version too! Bluebirds learnt that Esau was the first-born and should have had the birth right but Jacob seemed to trick Isaac, their father, into blessing him with this right instead. In terms of Christian history Jacob went on to be known as Israel and was father to the nation, but in human terms, Esau was treated unfairly. Christians believe that God’s plans are perfect. God allowed Jacob to become first, which means it must be the best and right thing.

Bluebirds began to understand that God’s view of fairness and justness is greater and longer lasting than our human viewpoint.

Mysterious box

Bluebirds were very excited today when a mysterious box appeared in the classroom. It was full of interesting Egyptian artefacts. The children enjoyed being archeologists and examining the items. They considered what the items were, what they were used for and what this told us about Egyptian life. With amazement, the children watched As Mrs Parry showed them a sarcophagus… revealing a mummy inside!

Finally, the children looked at photo evidence of artefacts to answer and ask questions about the past. Please have a look at our photos.

Ancient Egypt

Bluebirds were excited to go on a time travel experience today to find the time period of the Ancient Egyptians! On the way travelling back in time, they passed through the year they were born, the First World War, the Victorians, Tudors, Viking’s, the Birth of Jesus, Romans and Ancient Greece!

The children ordered and created a timeline together to understand when the Ancient Egyptian period was in relation to other events in history. Afterwards, children looked at events within the Egyptian era and created individual timelines.

Bluebirds already knew some facts about Egyptians…

Sophie – There was a queen called Cleopatra.
Kiall – They loved treasure.
Niah – They had pyramids.
Brooke B – They had big cat statues.
Evie – They were wrapped and buried in tombs in pyramids, with jars for their livers!
Melissa – They drew people with animal heads.
Megan – They wore striped headwear.
Kezi – Men worked whilst women stayed at home.
Kennie – They had Mummies (not like Mum’s that have babies) wrapped in toilet roll!

Shape poems

In Guided Reading and English, Bluebirds have been looking at poetry. Today, they looked at examples of shape poems and then began planning their own on a theme of either a snowman, sleigh, stocking, star or Christmas tree.

Here is the poem we made together to begin with (following the pattern of adjective, noun, verb and adverb). We looked at a picture of the Nativity.

Christmas cartoon strip

Bluebirds have been learning all about the Christian festival of Christmas and the birth of Jesus.

They have retold the story in the style of a cartoon strip. This has linked nicely with their DT project with every child creating a stable and an electric circuit to represent the star.

Illuminated stables

Bluebirds were very pleased with their illuminated stables. After investigating electrical circuits, the children were able to use the lightbulb to represent the star, leading the way to where Jesus was born. The children designed and tested ways to make their cardboard figures stand independently too. Well done Bluebirds, they look amazing!

Bluebirds have evaluated their DT project to reflect upon what went well and how they would improve it if they did it again.