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Discussing our value word – Honesty

In Circle time, Bluebirds discussed our value word of honesty. Mrs Parry invited the class to share their views and opinions together.

What does honesty mean to you?
Kiall – You should tell the truth.
Demi – Do not lie.
Ruby L – Always say what really happened.
Huey – Always tell the truth.

Why is honesty important?
Katerina – It’s important to be honest if you don’t understand your school work so the teacher knows to help you.
Chandler – If you lie no one will believe you.
Joey – If you aren’t honest you will be in trouble and told off.
Evie – If you don’t tell the truth people won’t know how you feel.
Kennie – It is wrong to lie.

Do you think people are honest enough?
Kezi- Most people are but when adults get into trouble they could end up in prison.
Sumaiya – It would be best if all people were always honest.
Amber – Not enough people are. It should be everyone!

Should we always be honest? Why – explain your reasons?
Melissa – Always be honest else no one will trust you.
Naly – If there were no liars it would be an even better school!
Brooke – You should else you could end up with a yellow card for lying.

What are some examples of dishonesty you really dislike?
Megan – I don’t like it when someone lies and then later tells the teacher the truth (a different story) because I don’t know who to believe.
Sophia – You lose trust in people.

What are some examples of honesty that you especially appreciate?
Sophie – I like to hear the truth and know people are consistently honest.
Lexi – You don’t get into trouble when you tell the truth.
Brooke – I like people who tell the truth.

Has someone ever been dishonest with you and how did it make you feel?
Pheobe – I feel sad because someone has lied to me. I feel let down.
Katie – Spreading rumours is upsetting as it is lying.
Harry – I feel angry if someone lies to me.
Cory – I feel cross because it is wrong.
Rubi – I am upset if I’m lied to. They shouldn’t do it.
Elliott – I am unhappy if someone lies to me.

Editing and improving fables

Today, Mrs Parry presented Bluebirds with part of a fable she had written. Unfortunately, the children noticed a lot of errors that needed correcting! They got to work straight wait and helped Mrs Parry to edit her work!

Afterwards, the class considered how her writing could be improved and inserted some fronted adverbials. Suddenly, they realised she had not included ANY conjunctions so helped her to extend some of her sentences. Mrs Parry said she hopes Bluebirds do such a thorough job editing their own fables now!

Programming our Lego aeroplanes

During Computing with Mr Baddhan, Year 3 Bluebirds used their creativity skills to build aeroplanes using Lego blocks. They then used Scratch program them to move.

Each aeroplane had to be constructed carefully so that it was solid and did not break during motion. Mr Baddhan explained that they will be using a motion / distance sensor in their program too, which will detect motion for the aeroplane propeller to spin.

In Scratch, the children were introduced to the motor blocks, which allow the motor to be controlled. Motor on, Motor off and Motor Power were the key blocks used during the lesson.

They were then shown how to use the motion / distance blocks in Scratch using the sensing container.

Some really good work – well done Bluebirds!

Read our completed Ancient Egypt eBooks

Year 3 Bluebirds have completed their eBooks based on Ancient Egypt. During the last few lessons, Bluebirds have researched, designed and created a book based on a specific topic.

The children have been exploring and creating their eBooks using a website called Book Creator. They typed their facts and also inserted related images. The children tried various font styles and backgrounds to add further design to the page.

Some children managed to also add some audio to their books by reading the facts from each page.

Here are a few examples of children’s completed books.

Sophie L

Megan and Niah


Katie and Kiall


Bluebirds produced some great cross curricular writing today once they heard all about the mummification process… not for the faint hearted!

The children watched a short video about the process and in pairs ordered a set of jumbled instructions. Bluebirds created a toolkit check list of what needs to be included in a set of instructions such as numbered/bullet pointed clear steps in order, time openers, imperative verbs, and a list of what is needed.

Story of the challenge of Iblis

Today Year 3 heard the story of the challenge of Iblis.

The story tells how Allah asked all the angels and Jinns, which were spirits created from fire, to bow down (prostrate) to Adam.

Iblis, who was one of the Jinns refused to bow down.

Allah asked him why he did not bow down.

Iblis was furious, he did not understand why Allah wanted him (an important Jinn) to bow down to a human being made from mud. He was cross that Allah thought that Adam was better than him.

Allah was disappointed and told Iblis to leave paradise forever. Iblis said he would BUT he wanted to be allowed to stay alive until the day of Judgement.

Iblis left but vowed to spend his days misleading Adam and his offspring till the day of Judgement.

The class discussed the many ways that they can be mislead, doing things they should not do.

The class also discussed good learning behaviours, like perseverance. Perseverance helps us to learn and make things better when they have gone a little wrong. You can always try and learn from your mistakes.