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How do Search Engines work?

Bluebirds discussed what search engines were today. They could name some such as Google, Chrome, Firefox and Bing. They watched a great explanation on BBC Webwise which explained how search engines were like a huge electronic library containing billions of pages of information. With books we use the index to find information quickly. To focus our searches we learnt how to refine our searches for more accurate results.

Kai – I found out by adding keywords you can find better results such as adding the word KIDS.
Kerris – You can use inverted commas to search for two keywords together.
Moharnab – You can add a dash to exclude certain information.

We also need to consider whether information found in a search engine is reliable and be aware that some companies pay to make sure their information is in the beginning of results found.

Christmas check in

This morning during check in, we talked about the fact that not everyone had enjoyed their weekend. Mrs Parry asked the children to look around the circle and check out everyones’ thumbs. Some were up, others were half way and a few were down. She explained although Christmas is an exciting time it can also be a difficult time for some people for lots of different reasons. Bluebirds decided to make an extra special effort to be nice to one another as we spend our last school week of 2018 together. Mrs Parry reminded the class that our value word for this month is thoughtfulness. Shona had made a lovely message over the weekend which ended our circle time perfectly.

Reading for pleasure!

Mrs Johnson has bought a copy of the book called “The Wonky Donkey” which has recently become a huge sensation on the internet. The children find it very amusing and attempt to listen to it without laughing, each time it’s read to them. They’ve really enjoyed reciting the story too.

Hee haw!

Poems for Santa!

Bluebirds started looking at shape poems yesterday in class. Today, the children found a letter addressed to the class hanging on the washing line! It was from Elvin and Edgar, our two class elves!

Santa is so busy he has no time to decorate his own workshop so asked if Bluebirds could write some poems to bright it up! They even sent a bag of magic dust to sprinkle over our books! It was so exciting and we have planned some super seasonal poems.

Composing questions!

After investigating lots of true and false statements this week, Bluebirds have been using pictures as a stimulus to invent their own questions for their partner. There was some very creative thinking!

See if you can answer any of our examples given by Moharnab, Alexi, Ryan and Shona!

What to do in an emergency

Bluebirds proved to be very knowledgeable about what to do in the event of an emergency and also when you should or should not call the emergency services. The children watched an example of a child making a call for a fire engine and successfully completed a quiz together. After they all wrote a short play script of a scenario between themselves and the operator answering a 999 call.

They included which service they required, their name, telephone and address. Then they explained what the emergency was. A few examples included:

Evaluating our pencil cases

Finally, Bluebirds evaluated what went went well with their pencil cases. They talked about what they were especially pleased about before considering what was tricky and how they could improve if they’d were to do the task again. They discussed what advice they could give next to year’s class.

Creating pencil cases!

Over the last week, Bluebirds have been very busy creating some beautiful pencil cases. Once they had planned their design they got to work, mastering their stitching techniques and decorating the cases with felt shapes and buttons. The pencil cases are complete with Velcro fasteners!