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Warming up in PE


Bluebirds in PE today learned how to warm up and stretch properly. The children learned that warming is an important part before exercising. ‘It helps the muscles to function better’ Kyron. Stretching the muscle will help the muscle not to tear. They had several obstacles where the children could test their abilities and some hidden challenges.

Coordination skills


In PE, Bluebirds class learnt to develop their coordination skills by going through a series of obstacles laid out by Mr Altariva. They all did wonderfully well at climbing and jumping and all tried effortlessly at the challenges through out the lesson. A brilliant lesson and good coordination skills.

Obstacle course competition


Bluebirds today in PE learnt to climb obstacles, in and out through them, run and jump and work as a team. Josh and harry had a obstacle course competition and Josh won! As they all cheered them on. Hazel and Casey had a go and Kyron and Harley also did very well.

They had to do challenging climbs as well as jumping off of objects.