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Maths workshop


A big thank you to all the parents who came to our Maths workshop today!

Year 3 had a lot of fun showing you how we can solve multiplications and divisions and what we can do with arrays.
Remember to keep practicing those times tables at home (especially the 4x and 8x tables) so we can answer questions in multiplication and division quickly.

Number Clubs


A fantastic year Bluebirds with your number clubs. This week Tiffanie and Ronnie have moved to new clubs. Another well done to the following children for passing their tests and soon to be moving to a new club –

• Cara
• Lexie
• Jamie
• Tia
• Emily
• Will
• Nila

Equivalent fractions


The Bluebirds have been working incredibly hard on their fractions. We have been adding fractions, finding equivalent fractions and finally ordering fractions. Even when some lessons have been really tricky Bluebirds persevered and produced some excellent work.

A reminder, Year 3 children are eligible for free access to Mathletics – a poupular website to help with fractions and other range of topics. If your child needs a reminder of their login, please ask Miss Procter, Mrs Sale or Mr Baddhan.

Mathletics can be accessed by clicking on this link –