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Composing questions!

After investigating lots of true and false statements this week, Bluebirds have been using pictures as a stimulus to invent their own questions for their partner. There was some very creative thinking!

See if you can answer any of our examples given by Moharnab, Alexi, Ryan and Shona!

Saving money

Today, Sandra from HSBC came to visit Bluebirds to talk about saving money. She asked theW class what they would like to save up for. There were lots of suggestions such as…

Sandra explained that once children are 7 they can have their own account to save their money in. She showed the class the special money box which is like a real bank safe and has a secret combination code to unlock the door. She advised them how to complete the application form and advised the children to open the account with £10 to start the account off. She clarified this wasn’t a charge! Then she told them about how to pay in using a special book.

Introducing Place Value counters

On Thursday, Bluebirds made three digit numbers using place value counters and charts. In partners, one child wrote a three digit number out in numerals and words, whilst their partner made the number using the equipment. We discussed numbers that contained a zero. For example, Mrs Parry asked the children if 704 had no tens. After partner talk, the children realised there were tens in the number and even calculated how many (70!), using their knowledge of ten times tables. Similarly, children realised there were ones in the number 740! Well done Bluebids, you completed great investigation work practically using new equipment!

Angles, Lines and Shapes!

Year 3 have been busy working through their final Maths topics over the last week or so.

The children spotted right angles around the room, realising they were everywhere! They learnt about Obtuse and Acute angles and identified where they were in 2D shapes. The class identified parallel and perpendicular lines around our room. Today, children have been choosing a shape and describing the properties to a friend, to see if they can guess the shape, hidden in their hand!

Estimating and measuring capacity

Today Bluebirds enjoyed a practical lesson, which took place on the playground, involving lots of water!

Mrs Parry challenged the children to estimate amounts of water and then use the measuring jugs and cylinders to see how accurate they were. This gave the children great experience in reading different scales and calculating various increments.

Measuring mass!

Today, Bluebirds began their new topic in Maths. They discussed different types of scales and familiarised themselves with the language such as grams, kilograms, heavier than and lighter than. The children selected two items to weigh and found which one was the heaviest/lightest. The children looked at a variety of scales with different intervals and practised calculating how much each increment was worth.

Racing in seconds

Bluebirds have been mastering their time-telling skills this week. Today they have been working on seconds and solving tricky problems which required them to conver seconds and minutes.

To begin the lesson, the children used stopwatches to time their friends running. Then they ordered the time in seconds from fastest to slowest.

Telling the time perseverance

Today, Bluebirds have been persevering with telling the time this week and today have been calculating the 24 hour clock. Children solved times using different methods as they found calculating minutes to the hour challenging.

Huey said “I solved the question by seeing that 40 and 20 go together as it is a number bond to sixty so I know that 10.40 am was also twenty minutes until 11 o’clock.

Sophia said “I know the numbers are in five. Knute intervals so I counted in fives around the numbers to calculate there was 20 minutes left until it was 11 o’clock.

Evie thought how to explain the question to her partner and decided to support her by drawing a number line to find the difference between 40 and 60.