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Division skills

Yesterday, Bluebirds applied their division skills to solve reasoning and problem solving questions. They practised explaining their thinking.

Today, Bluebirds have been dividing two digit numbers with remainders. To begin the lesson, they were given 13 lollipop sticks to make into a square (so divide into groups of four) and afterwards 38 sticks to make into triangles (so divide into groups of three). The children progressed on to using number lines to subtract the divisor.

Dividing a two digit number

After working on multiplying two digit numbers, Bluebirds moved on to dividing them. Mrs Parry displayed a picture problem on the board so children could work together and discuss methods they could use to calculate the answer.

Sam and Charles share 68 sweets equally among themselves. How many sweets will each person get?

The children discovered they had used lots of different ways to work out their answers (see our photos!) so they shared their methods together as a whole class and talked about which were the most efficient ways. Then the class carried on calculating more division problems us the equipment and representing what they had made using a part/part/whole model, alongside their written calculations.

Good work Bluebirds! We saw plenty of active listening, concentration and lots of children were working well together.

Subitising – don’t count them!

Bluebirds enjoyed a new activity today when they turned their hand to subitising. To practise recognising “the look of a number” by looking at a representation of dots either looking for patterns or groups of smaller numbers without physically counting each one. The children raced their partners for extra fun! The children attempted to name the amount in four seconds, then three seconds and finally two seconds! There was no time for actual counting!

Maths workshop


A big thank you to all the parents who came to our Maths workshop today!

Year 3 had a lot of fun showing you how we can solve multiplications and divisions and what we can do with arrays.
Remember to keep practicing those times tables at home (especially the 4x and 8x tables) so we can answer questions in multiplication and division quickly.