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Editing and improving fables

Today, Mrs Parry presented Bluebirds with part of a fable she had written. Unfortunately, the children noticed a lot of errors that needed correcting! They got to work straight wait and helped Mrs Parry to edit her work!

Afterwards, the class considered how her writing could be improved and inserted some fronted adverbials. Suddenly, they realised she had not included ANY conjunctions so helped her to extend some of her sentences. Mrs Parry said she hopes Bluebirds do such a thorough job editing their own fables now!

Read our completed Ancient Egypt eBooks

Year 3 Bluebirds have completed their eBooks based on Ancient Egypt. During the last few lessons, Bluebirds have researched, designed and created a book based on a specific topic.

The children have been exploring and creating their eBooks using a website called Book Creator. They typed their facts and also inserted related images. The children tried various font styles and backgrounds to add further design to the page.

Some children managed to also add some audio to their books by reading the facts from each page.

Here are a few examples of children’s completed books.

Sophie L

Megan and Niah


Katie and Kiall


Bluebirds produced some great cross curricular writing today once they heard all about the mummification process… not for the faint hearted!

The children watched a short video about the process and in pairs ordered a set of jumbled instructions. Bluebirds created a toolkit check list of what needs to be included in a set of instructions such as numbered/bullet pointed clear steps in order, time openers, imperative verbs, and a list of what is needed.

A discovery in Egypt!

Today, Bluebirds began their new genre of writing diary recounts. After talk partners, the class came up with a checklist of what should be used or included such as:

Wow! Well remembered Bluebirds!

Mrs Parry reminded the children about the use of rhetorical questions before presenting them with a scenario of a school trip, to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt (unfortunately we can’t really go!).

The children watched the beginning of a short film, where an explorer finds his way to a tomb with treasure ……. and mummies!

The children wrote individual diary recounts with Egyptian music in the background for atmosphere!

Time to edit and improve!

After Friday’s lesson, Bluebirds decided more practise was needed

After Friday’s editing lesson, Bluebirds decided more practise was needed in improving their stories although they are already good at correcting their punctuation and spellings! The children heard a story Mrs Parry had written over the weekend. Most children felt there was room for improvement and helped Mrs Parry to select more exciting words and phrases, by changing or adding them.

Planning our own original Egyptian story

Today, Bluebirds planned their own original story about a character with a flaw. As they are learning about Egyptians, Mrs Parry showed them pictures of four pharaohs (see above) to choose from, for their main character. We thought of lots of flaws a character might have such as greed (gluttony), greed (wealth), dishonesty, untidiness, laziness, vanity, boastfulness and impatience.

Here are some of our plans:

Auto words

Bluebirds have been busy investigating words with the prefix of auto this week. The children began by thinking of any auto words they already knew and discussed the meaning. Then they had a blank frame and had to work out where each letter would fit to familiarise themselves further with the words . In Guided Reading, children practised their dictionary skills to find out the meaning of each word. Well done to children who completed their “auto” homework this week for extra practise.

Shape poems

In Guided Reading and English, Bluebirds have been looking at poetry. Today, they looked at examples of shape poems and then began planning their own on a theme of either a snowman, sleigh, stocking, star or Christmas tree.

Here is the poem we made together to begin with (following the pattern of adjective, noun, verb and adverb). We looked at a picture of the Nativity.