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Our finished Ancient Egypt eBooks

Year 3 Bluebirds have completed their eBooks based on Ancient Egypt. During the last few lessons, Bluebirds have researched, designed and created a book based on a specific topic.

The children have been exploring and creating their eBooks using a website called Book Creator. They typed their facts and also inserted related images. The children tried various font styles and backgrounds to add further design to the page.

Mrs Parry and Mr Baddhan were delighted with the children’s work and design of their eBooks.

Here are some examples of children’s work.
Read Lola and Keelie’s eBook
Read Lola and Keelie’s eBook
Read Ke-Xin-Z’s eBook
Read Kai’s eBook
Read Nathan and Mason’s eBook

Investigating Egyptians

Last week, Bluebirds composed some questions they would like to find out about the Egyptians. Today, Bluebirds have been practising the skills needed to locate the answers. They scanned the contents page for a key word to locate the chapter their question n was most likely to be found in. For example, Callum F explained that to answer the question, “What was a Pharoah?” it would be best to scan the contents page and look for the keyword of Pharoah.

Fiction books – Ancient Egyptians

This week, Bluebirds have been looking non – fiction books about our new topic, Ancient Egyptians.

We have been locating features of non – fiction books and comparing three different ones to see which we preferred and why. One did not even have a glossary or any real photos!

We have also being thinking about aspects of Egyptian life and composing questions that we can research next week to learn more about our topic. Bluebirds have enjoyed time in the book corner, choosing their own reading material too. Luckily, we have lots of books about Ancient Egyptians as the children have been very excited to start find out about this interesting subject!

A character flaw

Today, Bluebirds read the story of King Midas and decided his flaw was greed. After reading the text themselves, Mrs Parry read the story aloud and the class planned their “Talk for Writing” actions to enable them to recite the story together. Afterwards, in small groups, the children discussed the king’s feelings and thoughts throughout different points in the story.

Reading for pleasure!

Mrs Johnson has bought a copy of the book called “The Wonky Donkey” which has recently become a huge sensation on the internet. The children find it very amusing and attempt to listen to it without laughing, each time it’s read to them. They’ve really enjoyed reciting the story too.

Hee haw!

Poems for Santa!

Bluebirds started looking at shape poems yesterday in class. Today, the children found a letter addressed to the class hanging on the washing line! It was from Elvin and Edgar, our two class elves!

Santa is so busy he has no time to decorate his own workshop so asked if Bluebirds could write some poems to bright it up! They even sent a bag of magic dust to sprinkle over our books! It was so exciting and we have planned some super seasonal poems.

A new spelling for the “a” sound!

Bluebirds recapped their knowledge of the “a” sound using ai, ay, a-e or ea spelling. They completed an activity thinking of any words with the “a” sound using the spelling or either ei, eye or eigh. The results were fantastic! Here is the list so far – a great class effort! Lewis gave us the word “sensei” which is the name for a martial arts teacher. Some children remembered their Year 3 word list with reign. Nathan use the working wall and ground weight and height. Well done Bluebirds!

Inference Skills

Bluebirds have been using their inference skills this week to look for clues in their English text, to establish the thoughts and feelings of characters by their actions. They also found words and phrases used for effect and to create fear in the take, ready for when they write their own tales of fear. The children practised their inference skills using pictures too. Here are some examples. Do you agree with their opinions?

Writing instructions – How To Train A Dragon!

This week, Bluebirds have successfully written instructions in how to trap a dragon. Today, the class watched a short extract from the the film to inspire them with ideas in how to train and care for a dragon. They also watched a short clip in training a puppy.

The children came up with lots of imaginative ideas of how to train their pet dragon and came up with a super list of equipment needed such as treats, food, water (for drinking/bathing and putting out accidental fires!), toys, collar/lead, fire extinguisher, helmet/shield, polish for his scales, reins/harness, saddle, cage, whistle, microchip, mints, toothbrush, stun spray, nail clippers and a scratching post!