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Reading for pleasure!

Mrs Johnson has bought a copy of the book called “The Wonky Donkey” which has recently become a huge sensation on the internet. The children find it very amusing and attempt to listen to it without laughing, each time it’s read to them. They’ve really enjoyed reciting the story too.

Hee haw!

Poems for Santa!

Bluebirds started looking at shape poems yesterday in class. Today, the children found a letter addressed to the class hanging on the washing line! It was from Elvin and Edgar, our two class elves!

Santa is so busy he has no time to decorate his own workshop so asked if Bluebirds could write some poems to bright it up! They even sent a bag of magic dust to sprinkle over our books! It was so exciting and we have planned some super seasonal poems.

A new spelling for the “a” sound!

Bluebirds recapped their knowledge of the “a” sound using ai, ay, a-e or ea spelling. They completed an activity thinking of any words with the “a” sound using the spelling or either ei, eye or eigh. The results were fantastic! Here is the list so far – a great class effort! Lewis gave us the word “sensei” which is the name for a martial arts teacher. Some children remembered their Year 3 word list with reign. Nathan use the working wall and ground weight and height. Well done Bluebirds!

Inference Skills

Bluebirds have been using their inference skills this week to look for clues in their English text, to establish the thoughts and feelings of characters by their actions. They also found words and phrases used for effect and to create fear in the take, ready for when they write their own tales of fear. The children practised their inference skills using pictures too. Here are some examples. Do you agree with their opinions?

Writing instructions – How To Train A Dragon!

This week, Bluebirds have successfully written instructions in how to trap a dragon. Today, the class watched a short extract from the the film to inspire them with ideas in how to train and care for a dragon. They also watched a short clip in training a puppy.

The children came up with lots of imaginative ideas of how to train their pet dragon and came up with a super list of equipment needed such as treats, food, water (for drinking/bathing and putting out accidental fires!), toys, collar/lead, fire extinguisher, helmet/shield, polish for his scales, reins/harness, saddle, cage, whistle, microchip, mints, toothbrush, stun spray, nail clippers and a scratching post!

Video: How to Trap a dragon!

Today, Bluebirds worked in groups to present clear, ordered instructions. Besides including time openers, prepostions, imperative verbs, adverbs and a list of what is needed, children needed to consider clarity, speed and volume of voice, ensuring they kept a good pace, maintaining the interest of their audience. Afterwards, each group had the opportunity to peer assess another group upon their performance.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Writing Instructions

How to trap a dragon!

This morning, Bluebirds devised a toolkit for how to write instructions:

Include a “You will need” list of equipment
Number each step (or use bullet points)
Clear instructions in order
Use time openers
Include imperative (bossy) verbs
Use adverbs and adjectives where needed

Afterwards, they ordered and made a list of instructions for how to trap a dragon!

Spelling Investigation

Today, Bluebirds learnt about indefinite articles and when to use either “a” or “an.”

To start with we recapped on which letters of the alphabet were vowels and sang the chorus of an old 1980s pop song to memorise them! (A.E.I.O.U.). In addition, we found out that we needed to use “an” for words beginning with X such as “an X-ray.” As is often the case in English language, we discovered there were exceptions to the rule! We discovered words beginning a silent “h” also needed “an”. In a piece of writing, we found some words (unit and uniform) that needed an “a” rather than using “an”. Listening to the phoneme carefully, we realised that if the “u” is a long vowel sound, only “a” is required. That led us on to a spelling investigation to see if we could find any other words. We used a dictionary to help us.

Here are the list the class made:

Unicorn, university, unicycle, unanimous, unique, universe and Union Jack!

Spelling Homophones

This week, Bluebirds have been looking at homophones. These are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings. Before looking at new homophones, the children recalled those they already know and could remember from Year 2. We had a matching game of matching up some new homophones with their definition and some of us extended this to a game of pairs too!

We thought of some ways to remember some of the homophones to remember how to spell them such as:
The word “ear” within hear
A male lion has a mane (ma_e) they are both spelt the same so the other spelling of these are spelt mai_)
Imagine the looo of the k is a knot for the word knot.

The children they applied their new spellings to write sentences with the correctly spelt homophone, used in the correct context.

The Rainbow Dragon – Talk for writing story maps

Today, Bluebirds were shown a picture of a Rainbow Dragon which they were eager to find out about! Together, the class were able to think of the five W words needed to start a question with. In talk partners they thought of questions to pose about this amazing creature.

What food does it eat?
Who Is he friends with?
When does he sleep?
Where does he live?
Why does he have horns?

Afterwards, the class were given a non-chronological report to read which was all about this dragon. They found the answers to lots of their questions and decided they could use some of these questions for subheadings in their report.

Next, the children all made their own story map for the report and practising orally reciting the poem to different partners. Bravely, Esmay and Taya recited theirs to the whole class.