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Story of the challenge of Iblis

Today Year 3 heard the story of the challenge of Iblis.

The story tells how Allah asked all the angels and Jinns, which were spirits created from fire, to bow down (prostrate) to Adam.

Iblis, who was one of the Jinns refused to bow down.

Allah asked him why he did not bow down.

Iblis was furious, he did not understand why Allah wanted him (an important Jinn) to bow down to a human being made from mud. He was cross that Allah thought that Adam was better than him.

Allah was disappointed and told Iblis to leave paradise forever. Iblis said he would BUT he wanted to be allowed to stay alive until the day of Judgement.

Iblis left but vowed to spend his days misleading Adam and his offspring till the day of Judgement.

The class discussed the many ways that they can be mislead, doing things they should not do.

The class also discussed good learning behaviours, like perseverance. Perseverance helps us to learn and make things better when they have gone a little wrong. You can always try and learn from your mistakes.

Being fair and just

Bluebirds talked about the meaning of being fair and thought of situations and examples of what was fair and unfair, both in school and in the world.

Then children then heard the story of Jacob and Esau from the Bible and watched a cartoon version too! Bluebirds learnt that Esau was the first-born and should have had the birth right but Jacob seemed to trick Isaac, their father, into blessing him with this right instead. In terms of Christian history Jacob went on to be known as Israel and was father to the nation, but in human terms, Esau was treated unfairly. Christians believe that God’s plans are perfect. God allowed Jacob to become first, which means it must be the best and right thing.

Bluebirds began to understand that God’s view of fairness and justness is greater and longer lasting than our human viewpoint.

Christmas cartoon strip

Bluebirds have been learning all about the Christian festival of Christmas and the birth of Jesus.

They have retold the story in the style of a cartoon strip. This has linked nicely with their DT project with every child creating a stable and an electric circuit to represent the star.

Community act of prayer for Muslims

Bluebirds have been learning about what brings believers together and have been looking at the community act of prayer for Muslims. The children watched a film clip of children getting ready for prayer in their mosque. In the Koran it states you must be clean before praying. There is a specific order and the face must be washed a number of times. Whilst washing, Allah is thought about in preparation for praying. Washing before prayer is symbolic and is important for unity and harmony. Muslims believe everyone equally needs to be clean before Allah (God).

Harvest Festival

Bluebirds discovered why Harvest Festival is celebrated. They discussed lots of different reasons to be thankful during this time and felt it was also for giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. Lots of appropriate words could be made using the letters of HARVEST including HAVE, EARTH, HEART, REST, EAT, SHARE, and STARVE. The class composed a class acrostic poem and made individual ones too.

Discussing our value word – Responsibility

Today, Bluebirds heard a verse from the Bible (Genesis 1 : 28) where God gives humans the responsibility to rule (care and look after) all the animals.

Mrs Parry’s pet dog – Zac
Year 3’s Dave and Shane fishes

Mrs Parry showed the children a photo of her pet dog Zac and the children shared what pets they had. We also thought about the needs of our new class fishes (Dave and Shane!). This lesson enabled the children to relate the doctrine of stewardship to the care of animals

The class all contributed and created a list of everything people need to consider before deciding to get a pet.

Discussing our value word – Responsibility

Bluebirds have been considering the environment and taking responsibility for it which links nicely to our value word for this month! This led on to thinking what the world would be like if no one cared for the world or one another.

First the children thought about what other people did for them:

Sophia – My Mummy cleans my room and gets my school clothes ready.
Amber – Phoebe plays with you and cheers me up when I’m sad.
Brooke – Teachers help us learn.
Niah – My brother takes me to the shop for ice cream.
Kezi – My Mum takes me to my favourite places at the weekend.
Brooke – My Mum cooks my tea.

Being fair in everyday life

Today Year 3 heard the story of Jacob and Esau. The story helps Christians understand more about being fair and just. The children heard how the brothers, who were also twins both made bad choices and how the choices affected them. They were treated unfairly too and this was the reason they went on to be unfair when they were older. In the story, it is clear that God was not happy when the Jacob lied.

The children gave lots of examples of the need to be fair in everyday life.

“When you play games, including everyone.” – Rueben
“When you want to go on a device, it is only fair that your brother can go on too.” – Harley
“Sharing sweets equally.” – Khaltum

Well done Year 3, it is clear you understand fairness.



In RE today, Year 3 discussed what taking care of something meant. The children discussed what they needed to take care of everyday. These included furniture at home, toys, pets and little brothers and sisters.

The children then discussed how to take care of our world. Here are some of the ways we thought of;


After our circle time we then made an information poster about how people can take care of our world.