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Cyber-bullying class pledge

Bluebirds discussed the dangers of cyber-bullying today and they created a class pledge together:

Our class pledge is to stop cyber bullying because….
-It is damaging and makes the victim feel hurt, upset, angry, scared and humiliated.

– The victim can always be reached so there is no escape for them and they never feel safe.

– Once information about the victim is on the internet, it is there forever and can be seen by lots of people.

SMART rules

This afternoon, Bluebirds discussed the SMART acronym (Safe, Meet, Accepting, Reliable and Tell).

The children wrote a whole class definition for each of the terms and each person designed a poster.

Additionally, children discussed reliability of knowing whether an on-line friend is really who they say they are, along with checking whether information is always “true or real.”

Katerina – You should never tell anyone where you live
Phoebe – Do not give your email to people
Kezi – Just click the cross to delete unwanted messages and requests
Chandler – I never use the chats within games online

Repetition using stamp tool in Digital Media

As part of Art week, Year 3 Bluebirds have been learning about the artist William Morris.

Today as part of their Digital Media lesson with Mr Baddhan, Year 3 Bluebirds looked at one of his drawings and they used the stamp tool in a photo editing program to repeat his style.

The lesson looked at how repetition is used in William Morris’ drawings and how easily this can be integrated using photo editing software.

Here are some of the children’s work.

William Morris’s original drawing

Miranda’s work

Paris’ work

Shakeel’s work

Dalila’s work

Secure passwords

As part of Safer Internet Week we had a discussion about what we use passwords for and why it is so important to keep our passwords safe.

We learnt some of the best ways of making sure your password is secure and unbreakable.

Here is a checklist of things you can do to make your passwords as secure as possible.

Creating and searching databases

During today’s Computing lesson, Year 3 Bluebirds continued learning about databases. They created a Year 3 database, adding their own information into each record. They added various fields within the database including, Name, Hair Colour, Eye Colour, Shoe Size etc.

After all the children added their records, they searched for information using different criteria.

The also grouped and arranged different children using the search criteria.

They finally produced some bar charts and pie charts to reflect their database entries.

Searching databases

During Computer this afternoon, Year 3 learned about databases and how they hold different pieces of information. They looked at different databases to see how the information is stored.

Bluebirds learned that databases all have:
A Field – this is a single piece of data such as name, date of birth or telephone number
A Record – this is one complete set of fields, for example one pupil’s school record

Today, they searched a database of countries in Purple Mash. They searched different criteria of information including population, area and capital city. They compared information using bar graphs and pie charts.

Tomorrow, Bluebirds will make their own database containing information of pupils in their class.

‘Motion’ and ‘Looks’ blocks in Scratch

During Computing, Year 3 looked further into the ‘Motion’ and ‘Looks’ blocks in Scratch. They were asked by Mr Baddhan to work out how to move their sprite right and left – they were told that adding a minus number will reverse the movement. The challenge was to ask see of the children could get their sprite to move and down the screen.

Once, they completed the above, they were asked to add the ‘Change Colour Effect by’ block from the ‘Looks’ container. They discovered it made made their sprite change colour.

It was wonderful to see the children learn about different motion block and using a new ‘Looks’ block after their previous lessons in Scratch.

Examples of work




Our finished Ancient Egypt eBooks

Year 3 Bluebirds have completed their Ancient Egypt eBooks. Once they completed their books, some of the children presented their books on the interactive board to the rest of the class.

Here are some examples of their work.

Miranda and Ruby-Lee


Joshua F



Creating our Ancient Egypt eBooks

During Computing this afternoon, Bluebirds spent the afternoon with Mr Baddhan creating their Ancient Egypt eBooks based on their research topic from yesterday’s lesson:

– Gods and goddesses
– Pyramids
– Temples
– Egyptian Life

The children learned more about eBooks and that an eBook is a book on the internet, readable on iPads, laptops, computers mobile phones etc.

Bluebirds used Purple Mash to make their eBooks including all the facts they researched in yesterday’s lesson.

We’ll have their finished work on the blog later in the week.