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Sikh Courage

Today, Bluebirds heard the story of Baisakhi and considered the feelings of the five volunteers who entered the tent with the Guru. Each time a volunteer entered, only the Guru appeared, with a sword which was covered in blood. The class predicted what they thought had happened and thought of how they would feel in that situation.

Estimating and measuring capacity

Today Bluebirds enjoyed a practical lesson, which took place on the playground, involving lots of water!

Mrs Parry challenged the children to estimate amounts of water and then use the measuring jugs and cylinders to see how accurate they were. This gave the children great experience in reading different scales and calculating various increments.

Chunky Chickens!

Today, Bluebirds have been learning all about subordinating clauses. They experimented in a fun activity to investigate making sentences, by placing clauses in different places. They are looking forward to creating more amusing sentences with a dice game to randomly select clauses!

Joining in Groups

Mrs Parry explained how people can be stronger when they are in a group rather than being alone.

Bluebirds considered the purpose of groups both in society and in their own lives. The children thought about how there can be good groups of people that strive to become better at a common interest, or those work together for a good cause. Then they talked about bad groups like rival gangs on streets etc. We talked about how people can feel if they are not included or allowed to join a group for example, on the playground (upset, miserable, hurt, angry and upset).

Sometimes groups can interlink whereby children are in more than one of the same group such as Lexi and Joey who are in both Art club and Computing club at school.

Here are some groups the children are in:

Disucssing our value word – courage

Bluebirds looked at courage this week within their RE lesson, which also linked nicely as it is this month’s value word too!

They discussed the meaning of having courage and being brave when you are scared to do something.
Kennie – I needed courage when we were camping ina tent and there was thunder and lightning.
Cory, Katie, Elliott – We needed courage in the swimming pool with our lessons.
Brooke Ba, Kezi – We needed courage to learn to ride our bikes.
Lexi – I needed courage when I started school and had to be brave.
Megan and Ruby – We needed courage to perform and take our dancing exams.
Chandler – I have to have courage to walk past mannequins!
Amber, Sophia, Rubi – I had to have courage to go on the Pirate Ship / Bumper cars / roller coaster.
Brooke Be – I needed courage when I went rock climbing.

Mrs Parry showed the class a lidded tin with something inside but the children didn’t know what. She kept peeping in and then shutting the lid! The class talked about either leaving it and not needing courage or being brave to look inside. Mrs Parry told them the story of David and Goliath.

Finally, everyone thought about some advice for people needing courage:

Melissa was randomly chosen in the lollipop stick draw to put her hand in without looking. She was a little anxious and removed her hand twice feeling a little afraid! Eventually, she plucked up courage and rummaged around in the tin until she discovered something at the bottom……… after all that, she found it was just a lolly and was glad she had been brave and had courage!

Writing Good Emails

Bluebirds discussed the similarities and differences of writing an email and writing a letter. Both are used to communicate, they are written by people, they can be sent by people you know or don’t know and they can be formal or informal. Emails are different in that they are digital and are typed on a computer, tablet or phone. They can be sent and received immediately through the internet and they can be deleted. People write letters on paper and take longer to receive.

Megan – I had to email someone on eBay with an adult helping me.
Lexi – I emailed Katie.
Ruby/Brooke – I have emailed family to get them to answer their phone or FaceTime me!
Rubi – I emailed my Mum when I was away on holiday with my Nan.
Niah – I helped my Dad to email a photo.

Measuring mass!

Today, Bluebirds began their new topic in Maths. They discussed different types of scales and familiarised themselves with the language such as grams, kilograms, heavier than and lighter than. The children selected two items to weigh and found which one was the heaviest/lightest. The children looked at a variety of scales with different intervals and practised calculating how much each increment was worth.

Video: Thermal Energy

Bluebirds have been investigating how thermal heat moves between objects. First, the children predicted what would happen to the spirals when they were placed over the heat and then tested the experiment. Next, the children felt two tiles (one made of aluminium and one made of MDF), and predicted which one would melt an ice cube quicker.

Most of the children thought that the MDF tile would melt the ice quicker because it felt warmer to the touch. Mrs Parry told the children that both tiles were actually the same temperature. The children discussed metal being a good conductor.

Racing in seconds

Bluebirds have been mastering their time-telling skills this week. Today they have been working on seconds and solving tricky problems which required them to conver seconds and minutes.

To begin the lesson, the children used stopwatches to time their friends running. Then they ordered the time in seconds from fastest to slowest.


Bluebirds looked why believers of Islam value silence. The children heard the story of Nuh (Noah) and then worked in small groups to prepare and perform a mime of the story, which enabled them to work in silence and use other means to communicate.