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Learning about rivers

Today we have learnt that the source of a river is where the river starts and the mouth of a river is where the river ends. We made a river by pouring water down a steep slope and watching the streams join together to make a larger stream of water.

We used maps to find 10 rivers in the UK. We worked out where they start and where they end.

Potato contour lines



Today we looked at contour lines to show heights of mountains. Contour lines are drawn on maps that join places of the same height. If contour lines are close together the slope is steep, if they are far apart the slope is gentle.

We used potatoes to represent a mountain and cut the potato up into 1cm lines to show the height of the potato. Take a look!

Geographical locations


The Bluebirds have been looking at different geographical locations for their topic lesson today. The teacher asked all the children to colour the seven continents, using different colours. Once they completed that, they would then label them with the correct spellings. Finally, sir had asked them to find different countries on the globe.

Josh T was very excited when he found Cyprus, the country his family was from. Aisha couldn’t believe how small England looked on the map also.

Forest schools Group 2, session 2


We enjoyed our second Forest School lesson today. We are getting very good at our compass points and know our directions very well. Today we learned about clockwise and anti-clockwise turns and right angles. Joshua B was very good at demonstrating these to the class.

After that we worked with a partner to read and follow directions.

We finished the session with a great game of Stuck in the Mud.

Local Area Walk

This morning we went on our walk around Druids Heath. Our task was to find examples of good things and bad things about the area so that we can put together a persuasive letter for Mrs Knipe. We worked in groups and used ipads to take photos of some of the things we saw. For each photo we took we had to be able to describe why it was good or bad for Mrs Knipe.

When we got back to school we worked in our groups and sorted out our photos. We came up with our top five arguments for and against living in Druids Heath.


Here are some of the photos that Hazel, Joshua T, Elizabeth and Leo took showing some good and bad things about living in Druids Heath.

Professor McGinty’s Visit


We have had a fantastic morning today. We were lucky enough to have a visit from Professor McGinty who taught us a lot about the Ancient Egyptians. He brought with him a selection of artefacts which we were lucky enough to be able to look at and touch. Wana and Josh T also dressed up in Ancient Egyptian costumes!

Here are some of our comments about Professor McGinty’s visit