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Discussing our value word – Freedom

Bluebirds talked about their understanding of this month’s value word “FREEDOM.”

Brooke Ba – Being able to go outside and play.
Katerina – Choose what you feel like doing in your free time.
Kezi – To do what you want to do without being restricted.
Sophie – To let your ideas go wild and not feel trapped.
Melissa – Being allowed to do anything. being able to choose what you want to do for a job.
Evie – Not to be locked inside.
Dana – Being able to travel and visit where you want. Being able to choose your friends.
Sophia – My Grandad is free in heaven.
Sumaiya – Being able to choose your school

The children linked the word to Black History month in October when we learnt about Nelson Mandela.

We discussed the Human Rights act and thought about how lucky we are and sometimes take our freedom for granted.

Discussing our value word – Tolerance

Bluebirds discussed the meaning of tolerance during Circle Time today. They decided tolerance meant being understanding of others with differing opinions, beliefs and ideas, regardless of their religion, race, language, age or disability. The conversation developed and children openly shared their religions and talked about being able to speak other languages. We chatted about celebrating differences too!

Discussing our value word – Responsibility

Today, Bluebirds heard a verse from the Bible (Genesis 1 : 28) where God gives humans the responsibility to rule (care and look after) all the animals.

Mrs Parry’s pet dog – Zac
Year 3’s Dave and Shane fishes

Mrs Parry showed the children a photo of her pet dog Zac and the children shared what pets they had. We also thought about the needs of our new class fishes (Dave and Shane!). This lesson enabled the children to relate the doctrine of stewardship to the care of animals

The class all contributed and created a list of everything people need to consider before deciding to get a pet.

Curiosity – Stone Age

Bluebirds have been displaying the learning behaviour of curiosity recently. In their own time, these girls have all been researching our Stone Age topic…. just because they want to and are eager to find out more for themselves. Sophie found out about Stonehenge and has spent hours recreating it as a model. Melissa has produced some Great drawings with facts. Niah found out lots of extra facts and information.

Discussing our value word – Responsibility

Bluebirds have been considering the environment and taking responsibility for it which links nicely to our value word for this month! This led on to thinking what the world would be like if no one cared for the world or one another.

First the children thought about what other people did for them:

Sophia – My Mummy cleans my room and gets my school clothes ready.
Amber – Phoebe plays with you and cheers me up when I’m sad.
Brooke – Teachers help us learn.
Niah – My brother takes me to the shop for ice cream.
Kezi – My Mum takes me to my favourite places at the weekend.
Brooke – My Mum cooks my tea.