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Video: Independent research

Over the term, Mrs Parry gave Bluebirds the chance to explore their own learning, whereby the children all chose an area of the Ancient Egyptians they wished to learn about. To begin with, children each made a mind map in pencil, about what they already knew about their chosen topic. They all created a research question and conducted independent research using information books and the internet. Research areas chosen included Gods, Homes, Foods, Mummification, Food and Drink, Pharaohs, Animals and Daily Life. The children added all their new facts to their original mind maps in purple pen, so they could see how much new information they had discovered.

Every child had the opportunity to make an e-book about their topic, with seven children carrying on with this over the February half term, because they enjoyed it so much! To find out more, nine children also visited the museum in Birmingham to learn more about Egyptians and see a real mummy for themselves! Bluebirds then considered how to share their research with the rest of the class. These ideas included, posters, information booklets, power point presentations, songs and filmed presentations. There were some budding television presenters!

This afternoon, the children have shared their information with each other and all learnt new facts about a different area of the Egyptian topic. They all evaluated their own learning and considered whether they were successful, what they enjoyed, what was challenging and what would they change if they had the chance to do this type of activity again.

Historic Photos of Egypt

Kiall brought in a very precious photo album that belonged to his Great Grandad. The photos were taken in the 1940s during the war and included photos of the Pyramids, Sphinx and River Nile. There were also photos of newspapers from that time which linked well with our current writing in English.

Bluebirds loved looking at all the wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing them with us Kiall.

Exploring Ancient Egypt drama

Bluebirds have enjoyed a fantastic afternoon of Egyptian drama. They learnt lots more Egyptian facts and acted out what happened to a person once they died. Queen Tutsoph (Sophie) was prepared for the afterlife. Lots of the children displayed excellent acting skills! Afterwards, the children searched for artefacts with torches to create an exhibition table.

Starting our Anicent Egypt eBooks

In Computing with Mr Baddhan, Bluebirds have started to create their eBooks in a program called Book Creator by designing their front covers and then working on the inside pages. Bluebirds will insert all the research they have found on their chosen topics into their books.

The children were asked to think of choosing the right pictures for each page and ensuring the pages look appealing to readers. Next week we will have the finished designs on our blog.

Researching for our eBooks

During Computing, Year 3 Bluebirds have started to research on Ancient Egypt for their eBooks.

Year 3 researched on their chosen topic:

– Mummies / Afterlife
– Pharaohs
– Tutanhamun
– Daily Life

The children also learned more about eBooks and that an eBook is a book on the internet, readable on iPads, laptops, computers mobile phones etc.

Planning our own original Egyptian story

Today, Bluebirds planned their own original story about a character with a flaw. As they are learning about Egyptians, Mrs Parry showed them pictures of four pharaohs (see above) to choose from, for their main character. We thought of lots of flaws a character might have such as greed (gluttony), greed (wealth), dishonesty, untidiness, laziness, vanity, boastfulness and impatience.

Here are some of our plans:

Papyrus paper

Year 3 Bluebirds have been finding out why the River Nile was so important to the Egyptians today. As a class, they came up with lots of reasons. We used the internet to find out what papyrus plants, figs and irrigation systems looked like! Well done Bluebirds for being showing so much curiosity – one of our Behaviours for Learning. The children now want to find out how papyrus paper is made!

Joey kindly bought in some real papyrus to show us! We recognised the hieroglyphics but were interested to see how Egyptians recorded numbers too. The picture was beautiful and made everyone gasp with its detail in bronze and gold colours.

Mysterious box

Bluebirds were very excited today when a mysterious box appeared in the classroom. It was full of interesting Egyptian artefacts. The children enjoyed being archeologists and examining the items. They considered what the items were, what they were used for and what this told us about Egyptian life. With amazement, the children watched As Mrs Parry showed them a sarcophagus… revealing a mummy inside!

Finally, the children looked at photo evidence of artefacts to answer and ask questions about the past. Please have a look at our photos.

Ancient Egypt

Bluebirds were excited to go on a time travel experience today to find the time period of the Ancient Egyptians! On the way travelling back in time, they passed through the year they were born, the First World War, the Victorians, Tudors, Viking’s, the Birth of Jesus, Romans and Ancient Greece!

The children ordered and created a timeline together to understand when the Ancient Egyptian period was in relation to other events in history. Afterwards, children looked at events within the Egyptian era and created individual timelines.

Bluebirds already knew some facts about Egyptians…

Sophie – There was a queen called Cleopatra.
Kiall – They loved treasure.
Niah – They had pyramids.
Brooke B – They had big cat statues.
Evie – They were wrapped and buried in tombs in pyramids, with jars for their livers!
Melissa – They drew people with animal heads.
Megan – They wore striped headwear.
Kezi – Men worked whilst women stayed at home.
Kennie – They had Mummies (not like Mum’s that have babies) wrapped in toilet roll!

Remembrance Day

Bluebirds discussed Remembrance Day this afternoon. They heard how the First World War ended at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh year which is when we remember soldiers who have lost their lives during any war.

Children discovered poppies were the first thing to grow in the field where soldiers fought which is why they are significant. Bluebirds learnt how British Legion use they money collected from the sale of poppies.

Kezi – We remember soldiers who died in service. We are silent for 2 minutes which is 120 seconds.

Sophie – Wreaths are lay at special monuments.

Evie – I am going to church parade to remember with the Brownies this Sunday.

Amber – My Uncle was a soldier.

Melissa – We have made felt poppy wreaths in afterschool club.

Rubi – Poppies were the first flowers to grow in the fields where the soldiers died.