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Taking responsibility

What would it be like if no one cared for us or the world?
Mrs Parry asked Bluebirds to consider and talk about these questions together:

What do you do for others?
Esmay – I help cook
Ryan – I make the sandwiches
Jani – I tidy up for my Mum
Scarlette – I feed our snake
Oliver – I help Nanny with the cleaning

What do you do for the environment?
Kerris – School councillors help to keep playground litter free
Moharnab – Throw rubbish away in a bin
Nathan – We recycle rubbish
Callum – Walk instead of using the car
Taya – Don’t leave the tap running and waste water when you clean your teeth
Amelia – Don’t pollute the sea which kills and damages wildlife
Shona – Close the fridge/freezer when the alarm goes off
Esmay – People should not chop trees down
Oliver – We should turn off lights when we leave the room

Saving money

Today, Sandra from HSBC came to visit Bluebirds to talk about saving money. She asked theW class what they would like to save up for. There were lots of suggestions such as…

Sandra explained that once children are 7 they can have their own account to save their money in. She showed the class the special money box which is like a real bank safe and has a secret combination code to unlock the door. She advised them how to complete the application form and advised the children to open the account with £10 to start the account off. She clarified this wasn’t a charge! Then she told them about how to pay in using a special book.

Our expectations in Year 3

Bluebirds have made a smooth transition into Key Stage 2 and have settled well into their new class. Mrs Parry asked the class to make a list of adjectives to describe their ideal, perfect teacher.
A huge class list was compiled which included being honest, kind, hardworking, approachable, helpful, funny (sense of humour!), clever, caring, considerate, enthusiastic, cheerful, happy, friendly, calm, respectful, focused, responsible, prepared and neat. Being fit, athletic and a gymnast was also requested by the children! They also wanted a teacher that would keep them safe, be a good listener and avoid shouting.

Afterwards, Mrs Parry showed Bluebirds a list they had made with her on transition day about what qualities a “good class mate” should have. Interestingly, we discovered the list had many of the same adjectives the children thought an ideal teacher should be such as, kind, helpful, caring, polite, nice, respectful and honest. Bluebirds had also noted a good class mate should listen to you, comfort you, be patient, kind and cheer you up. We soon realised that these desired qualities are what we all want each other to have, regardless of whether we are the teacher or the pupil!

Next, we talked about the whole school rules to make sure everybody understood them and was clear about the behaviour expected at Bells Farm. Mrs Parry explained the Behaviour chart and cards to the class and also discussed how good behaviour and achievement is recognised and rewarded. Thoughtfully, Bluebirds worked hard on writing their own list of classroom rules which we have all agreed to follow.

An excellent start Bluebirds – keep up the good work!

Video: “Who Let the Dogs Out?!”

This morning, PC Bennett visited Year 3 with his two police dogs, called H and Olaf. To begin with, he asked the children how they could identify whether someone was a police officer. Afterwards, he showed the class his bullet proof vest including equipment such as a walkie talkie, a torch, a baton and CS gas spray. Some children were lucky enough to try on police head gear!

PC Bennett explained how his dogs were specially trained and shared what the dogs are able to do to help him do his job. First of all, the children were introduced to Olaf, who is a two year old German Shepherd. Besides catching suspects, Olaf can help P.C. Bennett to find missing people. Olaf demonstrated finding some hidden items around the playground. Next, the children met H who is an eight year old Springer Spaniel. He was very excited and demonstrated sniffing out an empty container that once had a bullet inside. He also helps P.C. Bennett to catch people who have naughty drugs.

Finally, all the children got to sit inside the police car and were thrilled to hear the loud siren and see the blue lights flashing across the playground! The children really enjoyed meeting PC Bennett and promised to wave at him if they see him out and about around the local area.

Joining in Groups

Mrs Parry explained how people can be stronger when they are in a group rather than being alone.

Bluebirds considered the purpose of groups both in society and in their own lives. The children thought about how there can be good groups of people that strive to become better at a common interest, or those work together for a good cause. Then they talked about bad groups like rival gangs on streets etc. We talked about how people can feel if they are not included or allowed to join a group for example, on the playground (upset, miserable, hurt, angry and upset).

Sometimes groups can interlink whereby children are in more than one of the same group such as Lexi and Joey who are in both Art club and Computing club at school.

Here are some groups the children are in:

The Royal Wedding!

Today, Bluebirds arrived wearing red, white and blue, to find their class decorated with bunting and Union Jack flags! They learnt about members of the Royal family, the family tree and the royal line to the throne. In addition, they heard all about Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

They found out all about the different ways people are celebrating all over the world. Mrs Parry showed them some news footage of her friend, who lives in Australia. He has turned his back garden into Buckingham Palace, complete with a London red bus, cannons and even the Queen. He is serving creams teas and serving full English breakfasts over the weekend and hopes to raise lots of money for charity.

Bluebirds, took part in activities such as designing a wedding dress, wedding cake and bunting. They decorated flags and completed wordsearches and crosswords. The children enjoyed playing pin the crown on the princess, dressing up as the wedding party and utilising photo booth accessories. Finally, the children enjoyed a little tea party together.

Discussing our value word – Honesty

In Circle time, Bluebirds discussed our value word of honesty. Mrs Parry invited the class to share their views and opinions together.

What does honesty mean to you?
Kiall – You should tell the truth.
Demi – Do not lie.
Ruby L – Always say what really happened.
Huey – Always tell the truth.

Why is honesty important?
Katerina – It’s important to be honest if you don’t understand your school work so the teacher knows to help you.
Chandler – If you lie no one will believe you.
Joey – If you aren’t honest you will be in trouble and told off.
Evie – If you don’t tell the truth people won’t know how you feel.
Kennie – It is wrong to lie.

Do you think people are honest enough?
Kezi- Most people are but when adults get into trouble they could end up in prison.
Sumaiya – It would be best if all people were always honest.
Amber – Not enough people are. It should be everyone!

Should we always be honest? Why – explain your reasons?
Melissa – Always be honest else no one will trust you.
Naly – If there were no liars it would be an even better school!
Brooke – You should else you could end up with a yellow card for lying.

What are some examples of dishonesty you really dislike?
Megan – I don’t like it when someone lies and then later tells the teacher the truth (a different story) because I don’t know who to believe.
Sophia – You lose trust in people.

What are some examples of honesty that you especially appreciate?
Sophie – I like to hear the truth and know people are consistently honest.
Lexi – You don’t get into trouble when you tell the truth.
Brooke – I like people who tell the truth.

Has someone ever been dishonest with you and how did it make you feel?
Pheobe – I feel sad because someone has lied to me. I feel let down.
Katie – Spreading rumours is upsetting as it is lying.
Harry – I feel angry if someone lies to me.
Cory – I feel cross because it is wrong.
Rubi – I am upset if I’m lied to. They shouldn’t do it.
Elliott – I am unhappy if someone lies to me.

Caring for ourselves

Bluebirds considered the factors of leading a healthy lifestyle. There were lots of ideas and contributions from the class. Afterwards, the children also heard how having enough sleep and having a happy attitude contributes to being healthy too. The children then thought about examples of how to take exercise. Mrs Parry said it helps if you choose a form of exercise you actually enjoy. e.g. Poppy went to the park after school yesterday, to ride her new bike. Afterwards, they thought about unhealthy things that people can do.