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What to do in an emergency

Bluebirds proved to be very knowledgeable about what to do in the event of an emergency and also when you should or should not call the emergency services. The children watched an example of a child making a call for a fire engine and successfully completed a quiz together. After they all wrote a short play script of a scenario between themselves and the operator answering a 999 call.

They included which service they required, their name, telephone and address. Then they explained what the emergency was. A few examples included:

Why do we fall out?

Bluebirds thought about the reasons people fall out and break friends. They talked about who can help in school and what systems we have in place. The children knew they could go to any trusted adult or the peer mediators and that we use Peacemakers.

Mrs Parry reminded the children about the “needs” cards they can use to help them think about what they need after a fall out (e.g. empathy, time, space, respect). The children got into small groups and took it in turns to become the teacher with a set of peacemaker questions to use, just like the grown ups use in school! There was some great role play!

Choose Respect

Bluebirds considered and answered the question, “How do you know if someone’s showing you respect.” There were so many good answers we have included them all in the photo below! Well done Bluebirds.

Mrs Parry and Mrs Johnson were extremely proud of all the thoughtful comments that Bluebirds made both in the live Twitter Takeover in the playground and during the online safety film in this morning’s assembly.

Anti-Bullying Week – What is Banter?

Bluebirds tried to think what was meant by the word “banter”. None of the children in Year 3 had really heard of this word so to begin with they tried to have a good guess before looking up the dictionary definition.

Some Bluebirds were eager to use our BRAND NEW dictionaries to look the word up, beginning by looking for the first three letters “ban”

The definition read “playful teasing or joking.” Mrs Parry explained this was probably a term that older children tended to use.

The children watched the below film clips to gain a better understanding of banter and what to do if it turns bad.

Respecting others

During circle time, Bluebirds considered and talked about the reasons why some people might choose not to show respect to others which included making bad choices, copying others/peer pressure, to look cool and make themselves more popular. Here are some of our reasons.

Secret friend

Bluebirds have each drawn a name from “the hat” and been allocated a “secret friend” for the next three days. The aim is to try and be a good friend to them and help them or do good deeds for them without them realising! It could be that they play together at breaktime. The children will try and guess who their secret friend is towards the end of the week. Mrs Parry has already seen some children working hard in class to help their friend!

Video: What is respect?

This morning, Bluebirds arrived to school wearing odd socks to give the message that it is ok to be different and indeed, we are all different! We talked about looking and behaving differently all liking different activities, subjects and even people. The children all thought about what they understood by the word RESPECT and what it mean to them. Watch our video…. do you agree?!

Rememberance Day

Bluebirds talked about why we have Remembrance Day and worked out this year is the centenary of World War I ending. We learnt about the significance of the poppies being used and discussed what we think about during two minutes silence. The class all wrote an acrostic poem using the word “Remember” or “Hero”.