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Conflict resolution

Bluebirds discussed conflict resolution during a circle time today. They talked about the meaning of the words and how they could apply this to daily life within school.

Children considered how to avoid making matters worse by becoming physical or shouting, try to be in the “other person’s shoes (imagine how they feel), avoid putting the other person down and blaming them, listen to each other’s view without interrupting (active listening!). The children thought about who could help to solve conflict in school.

The children realised how important talking together really is, especially when they heard the story of the Two Ladies and a Lemon!

Our own bank accounts

Bluebirds had a special visitor today called Sandra Howes who works for HSBC.

She came to explain that the children were now old enough to have their own bank account to save money in. The children talked about things they would buy if they could afford them…

If children wish to open an account they need to complete an application and open the account with £10. They will get a free mini safe savings box with a combination lock!

They are able to go to the library at 8.50am on Mondays.

Discussing our value word – Responsibility

Today, Bluebirds heard a verse from the Bible (Genesis 1 : 28) where God gives humans the responsibility to rule (care and look after) all the animals.

Mrs Parry’s pet dog – Zac
Year 3’s Dave and Shane fishes

Mrs Parry showed the children a photo of her pet dog Zac and the children shared what pets they had. We also thought about the needs of our new class fishes (Dave and Shane!). This lesson enabled the children to relate the doctrine of stewardship to the care of animals

The class all contributed and created a list of everything people need to consider before deciding to get a pet.

Feeling happy

Today we discussed what it means to feel happy.

In our circle time we talked about what being happy means and what it looks like. Then we discussed what happiness felt like and a time in our life when we have felt it the most.

We drew a timeline of our lives with moments when we can remember feeling happy.



In RE today, Year 3 discussed what taking care of something meant. The children discussed what they needed to take care of everyday. These included furniture at home, toys, pets and little brothers and sisters.

The children then discussed how to take care of our world. Here are some of the ways we thought of;


After our circle time we then made an information poster about how people can take care of our world.