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Evaluating our pencil cases

Finally, Bluebirds evaluated what went went well with their pencil cases. They talked about what they were especially pleased about before considering what was tricky and how they could improve if they’d were to do the task again. They discussed what advice they could give next to year’s class.

Creating pencil cases!

Over the last week, Bluebirds have been very busy creating some beautiful pencil cases. Once they had planned their design they got to work, mastering their stitching techniques and decorating the cases with felt shapes and buttons. The pencil cases are complete with Velcro fasteners!


Bluebirds learnt and practised three stitches today ready for when they sew their pencils cases. These were running stitch, back stitch and whip stitch. We also had to use a lot of perseverance with threading the needles!

Illuminated stables

Bluebirds were very pleased with their illuminated stables. After investigating electrical circuits, the children were able to use the lightbulb to represent the star, leading the way to where Jesus was born. The children designed and tested ways to make their cardboard figures stand independently too. Well done Bluebirds, they look amazing!

Bluebirds have evaluated their DT project to reflect upon what went well and how they would improve it if they did it again.