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Video: Egyptian Day

Bluebirds have thoroughly enjoyed a full Egyptian day today with “The History Man.” This morning, they learnt all about River Nile, mummification, weapons, daily life, clothes, food, pyramids and games. The children had the opportunity to handle replicas and artefacts which was very exciting!

After lunch, the children experienced a hands on practical workshop experience and had the chance to use/play with all the equipment. It was very noisy but great fun! In addition, the children all made clay scarab beetle seals and cartouches with hieroglyphics, made sketches of some of the items and wrote in hieroglyphics on papyrus paper.

Creating pencil cases!

Over the last week, Bluebirds have been very busy creating some beautiful pencil cases. Once they had planned their design they got to work, mastering their stitching techniques and decorating the cases with felt shapes and buttons. The pencil cases are complete with Velcro fasteners!

Stone Age Cave Paintings

Today, Bluebirds looked at photos of real paintings from Stone Age Caves in Spain, France and Bulgaria. The children wondered whether the people used berries, animal blood or charcoal from their fires. Most of the paintings were of animals and in some cases, people.

Mrs Parry demonstrated how to draw and shade the pictures using different Art pencils. The children were keen to get started on their own pictures.

Arts Week: Andy Goldsworthy

This week, Bluebirds have been studying the work of sculptor and artist, Andy Goldsworthy. They discovered he uses natural materials to create his art with materials such as leaves, stones, sticks, sand and even ice!

Bluebirds decided to create individual collages in the style of Andy Goldsworthy by using seeds, lentils and chick peas, fir cones and other natural items found around school. Using his leaf picture as inspiration, it was decided to embark on a whole class piece but this time, using all the colours of the rainbow. To create the leaves, children experimented with different types of techniques with paint. This included blowing paint with straws, using bubbles in paint, painting over wax and printing using sponges, cotton reels and fruit!

Afterwards, the whole class got to work to cut out leaf shapes from all their painted work. There was some fantastic effects created! Finally, these were arranged in a colourful collage in the style of our artist.