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Stonehenge scene

After learning about Stonehenge, Bluebirds set to work creating their own watercolour sunsets, to act as a backdrop for the famous Stonehenge scene. They experimented mixing colours and using different size brushes to paint cave paintings too. Finally, the class recreated a Stone Age hand prints picture on to material which looked very effective! Well done Bluebirds – great.

Stone Age pencil drawings

Bluebirds have been busy finding out why the Stone Age people did so many cave paintings. It was their form of communication to replay messages and share stories as writing hadn’t been invented that long ago!

After looking at a range of examples to establish their style and typical colours, Bluebirds set to work making pencil drawings of Stone Age animals. Today, the children have been concentrating on blending pastels to recreate Stone Age type pictures. Please look at some of our wonderful pictures.

Repetition using stamp tool in Digital Media

As part of Art week, Year 3 Bluebirds have been learning about the artist William Morris.

Today as part of their Digital Media lesson with Mr Baddhan, Year 3 Bluebirds looked at one of his drawings and they used the stamp tool in a photo editing program to repeat his style.

The lesson looked at how repetition is used in William Morris’ drawings and how easily this can be integrated using photo editing software.

Here are some of the children’s work.

William Morris’s original drawing

Miranda’s work

Paris’ work

Shakeel’s work

Dalila’s work

Tin foil mummy

In History last week, we wrote instructions on how to make a mummy.

We wrote about all the steps that the Ancient Egyptians went through to prepare and preserve the body before they buried it in a tomb.

Today we began making our own mummy! We have modelled a body out of tin foil, then we are going to wrap it in bandages before placing it into a sarcophagus.

Andy Warhol Pop Art effects

During Computing with Mr Baddhan today, Bluebirds learned about Pop Art and the artist Andy Warhol. They learned about his work and how he made things look interesting using some of his artistic work. We looked at the type of effects he used to make everyday things look interesting and coourful.

Bluebirds used a Pop Art website to add Andy Warhol effects to their own photos. Have a look at the wonderful work they produced to make their photos look interesting.