Ancient Egypt

Bluebirds were excited to go on a time travel experience today to find the time period of the Ancient Egyptians! On the way travelling back in time, they passed through the year they were born, the First World War, the Victorians, Tudors, Viking’s, the Birth of Jesus, Romans and Ancient Greece!

The children ordered and created a timeline together to understand when the Ancient Egyptian period was in relation to other events in history. Afterwards, children looked at events within the Egyptian era and created individual timelines.

Bluebirds already knew some facts about Egyptians…

Sophie – There was a queen called Cleopatra.
Kiall – They loved treasure.
Niah – They had pyramids.
Brooke B – They had big cat statues.
Evie – They were wrapped and buried in tombs in pyramids, with jars for their livers!
Melissa – They drew people with animal heads.
Megan – They wore striped headwear.
Kezi – Men worked whilst women stayed at home.
Kennie – They had Mummies (not like Mum’s that have babies) wrapped in toilet roll!

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