Story of the challenge of Iblis

Today Year 3 heard the story of the challenge of Iblis.

The story tells how Allah asked all the angels and Jinns, which were spirits created from fire, to bow down (prostrate) to Adam.

Iblis, who was one of the Jinns refused to bow down.

Allah asked him why he did not bow down.

Iblis was furious, he did not understand why Allah wanted him (an important Jinn) to bow down to a human being made from mud. He was cross that Allah thought that Adam was better than him.

Allah was disappointed and told Iblis to leave paradise forever. Iblis said he would BUT he wanted to be allowed to stay alive until the day of Judgement.

Iblis left but vowed to spend his days misleading Adam and his offspring till the day of Judgement.

The class discussed the many ways that they can be mislead, doing things they should not do.

The class also discussed good learning behaviours, like perseverance. Perseverance helps us to learn and make things better when they have gone a little wrong. You can always try and learn from your mistakes.

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