Video: A trip to St Nicholas church

This afternoon, Bluebirds enjoyed a trip to St Nicholas Church in Kings Norton to learn about the Christian faith and in particular quiet reflection, which links in with their current RE topic. They discovered the church was there as far back as the 1100s, although they this may have been a wooden building. The children heard about the story of St Nicholas who was a bishop and anonymously put three bags of gold through window which fell into the daughters’ hanging stockings. The story of St Nicholas represents kindness, generousity and giving anonymously.

The children enquirer what the huge pipes were (church organ), what the numbers alongside it (the hymn numbers) and what the golden eagle stand was (the lectern where the Bible is read from). Pauline explained the altar was coloured to distinguish time in the Christian calendar such as red for Pentecost, Purple for Lent/Advent to show waiting for something, gold and white for Easter and Green for normal times (great green and growing). Bluebirds learnt that the font is placed by the entrance of the church to signify the beginning of Christian life in the church. the children examined the windows to see if they could recognise any Bible stories. A lot of children found the Easter and Christmas window.

The children heard that prayers are answered but not always in the way we expect. The acronym tsp (as in a teaspoon) could be used to think about parts of a prayer. T for thank you, S to say sorry for mistakes we have made and P to remember Please when we are asking for something. prayer can also be a quiet reflection and a time to listen to God besides just speaking to him. There can be set prayer from books and also individual/free prayers. The children heard The Lord’s Prayer. We heard about some similarities and made links between Christians and Muslims.

Afterwards, the children walked respectfully around the outside of the church to see the bell tower, weather vane, gravestones, and beautiful blossom trees! The children were very inquisitive with lots of questions and really enjoyed th visit, learning lots of new information. For some children, this was their very first visit to a church, whilst some asked when we could go back again for a return visit!

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