The Royal Wedding!

Today, Bluebirds arrived wearing red, white and blue, to find their class decorated with bunting and Union Jack flags! They learnt about members of the Royal family, the family tree and the royal line to the throne. In addition, they heard all about Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

They found out all about the different ways people are celebrating all over the world. Mrs Parry showed them some news footage of her friend, who lives in Australia. He has turned his back garden into Buckingham Palace, complete with a London red bus, cannons and even the Queen. He is serving creams teas and serving full English breakfasts over the weekend and hopes to raise lots of money for charity.

Bluebirds, took part in activities such as designing a wedding dress, wedding cake and bunting. They decorated flags and completed wordsearches and crosswords. The children enjoyed playing pin the crown on the princess, dressing up as the wedding party and utilising photo booth accessories. Finally, the children enjoyed a little tea party together.

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