Disucssing our value word – courage

Bluebirds looked at courage this week within their RE lesson, which also linked nicely as it is this month’s value word too!

They discussed the meaning of having courage and being brave when you are scared to do something.
Kennie – I needed courage when we were camping ina tent and there was thunder and lightning.
Cory, Katie, Elliott – We needed courage in the swimming pool with our lessons.
Brooke Ba, Kezi – We needed courage to learn to ride our bikes.
Lexi – I needed courage when I started school and had to be brave.
Megan and Ruby – We needed courage to perform and take our dancing exams.
Chandler – I have to have courage to walk past mannequins!
Amber, Sophia, Rubi – I had to have courage to go on the Pirate Ship / Bumper cars / roller coaster.
Brooke Be – I needed courage when I went rock climbing.

Mrs Parry showed the class a lidded tin with something inside but the children didn’t know what. She kept peeping in and then shutting the lid! The class talked about either leaving it and not needing courage or being brave to look inside. Mrs Parry told them the story of David and Goliath.

Finally, everyone thought about some advice for people needing courage:

Melissa was randomly chosen in the lollipop stick draw to put her hand in without looking. She was a little anxious and removed her hand twice feeling a little afraid! Eventually, she plucked up courage and rummaged around in the tin until she discovered something at the bottom……… after all that, she found it was just a lolly and was glad she had been brave and had courage!

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