Exploring Ancient Egypt drama

Bluebirds have enjoyed a fantastic afternoon of Egyptian drama. They learnt lots more Egyptian facts and acted out what happened to a person once they died. Queen Tutsoph (Sophie) was prepared for the afterlife. Lots of the children displayed excellent acting skills! Afterwards, the children searched for artefacts with torches to create an exhibition table.

Starting our Anicent Egypt eBooks

In Computing with Mr Baddhan, Bluebirds have started to create their eBooks in a program called Book Creator by designing their front covers and then working on the inside pages. Bluebirds will insert all the research they have found on their chosen topics into their books.

The children were asked to think of choosing the right pictures for each page and ensuring the pages look appealing to readers. Next week we will have the finished designs on our blog.

Online chat and games

Bluebirds talked about friends they chat to or play games with online.

Next, they considered who are real/true friends and listed the qualities a good friend should have.
Children thought about what people can say or do on-line to feel good or happy such as sharing funny photos, liking and commenting on photos or posts and meeting up in games together.

After that, Bluebirds looked at a scenario where Jo had posted what she thought, was a funny photo of her friend. However her friend found it embarrassing and was even more upset to find out another person had shared it. The children considered how each party was affected and how it could be rectified.

Powerful Passwords

Bluebirds discussed how combination locks can only be opened by turning the dial in a secret combination of numbers that is hard to guess. This is to keep belongings safe and protected. They went on to talk about how passwords prevent other people seeing your private information on the internet. Bluebirds thought about how passwords would be useful in later life when they keep track of their bank account or shop online.

To put this into context, Bluebirds considered how they would feel if someone else used their password to steal points they had collected in a video game.

Evie – I would feel worried someone had my personal information.
Katerina – I would feel scared as that means someone is stealing my information/account.
Melissa – it is invading my private information a bit like reading my locked diary would be.
Chandler – Someone could change my personal information.
Amber – Someone could send messages and pretend to be you.
Sumaiya – I’d be angry and upset as they might pass on my passwords or details to other people too.

The children then played a “Do or Don’t” game. There were some surprises with the answers which was great as we all learnt more about keeping safe online!

The children then set to work in making a secure password. They wrote down their favourite number, pet/favourite character’s name, a keyboard symbol and their favourite food. They rearranged these in various ways to create secure passwords that they were able to remember. Lexi and Joey thought about writing words in reverse too!

Researching for our eBooks

During Computing, Year 3 Bluebirds have started to research on Ancient Egypt for their eBooks.

Year 3 researched on their chosen topic:

– Mummies / Afterlife
– Pharaohs
– Tutanhamun
– Daily Life

The children also learned more about eBooks and that an eBook is a book on the internet, readable on iPads, laptops, computers mobile phones etc.

Division skills

Yesterday, Bluebirds applied their division skills to solve reasoning and problem solving questions. They practised explaining their thinking.

Today, Bluebirds have been dividing two digit numbers with remainders. To begin the lesson, they were given 13 lollipop sticks to make into a square (so divide into groups of four) and afterwards 38 sticks to make into triangles (so divide into groups of three). The children progressed on to using number lines to subtract the divisor.

Caring for ourselves

Bluebirds considered the factors of leading a healthy lifestyle. There were lots of ideas and contributions from the class. Afterwards, the children also heard how having enough sleep and having a happy attitude contributes to being healthy too. The children then thought about examples of how to take exercise. Mrs Parry said it helps if you choose a form of exercise you actually enjoy. e.g. Poppy went to the park after school yesterday, to ride her new bike. Afterwards, they thought about unhealthy things that people can do.

A discovery in Egypt!

Today, Bluebirds began their new genre of writing diary recounts. After talk partners, the class came up with a checklist of what should be used or included such as:

Wow! Well remembered Bluebirds!

Mrs Parry reminded the children about the use of rhetorical questions before presenting them with a scenario of a school trip, to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt (unfortunately we can’t really go!).

The children watched the beginning of a short film, where an explorer finds his way to a tomb with treasure ……. and mummies!

The children wrote individual diary recounts with Egyptian music in the background for atmosphere!

Directional sprites

During Computing, Year 3 Bluebirds explored different ways they can start their code in Scratch without using the ‘when the green flag is clicked’ block. The one we were interested in today was using different keys to start the program. We wanted our sprite to move using the directional keys on the keyboard.

The children then added different sounds to each different direction.