Writing instructions – How To Train A Dragon!

This week, Bluebirds have successfully written instructions in how to trap a dragon. Today, the class watched a short extract from the the film to inspire them with ideas in how to train and care for a dragon. They also watched a short clip in training a puppy.

The children came up with lots of imaginative ideas of how to train their pet dragon and came up with a super list of equipment needed such as treats, food, water (for drinking/bathing and putting out accidental fires!), toys, collar/lead, fire extinguisher, helmet/shield, polish for his scales, reins/harness, saddle, cage, whistle, microchip, mints, toothbrush, stun spray, nail clippers and a scratching post!

Rememberance Day

Bluebirds talked about why we have Remembrance Day and worked out this year is the centenary of World War I ending. We learnt about the significance of the poppies being used and discussed what we think about during two minutes silence. The class all wrote an acrostic poem using the word “Remember” or “Hero”.

Studying Stonehenge!

Bluebirds were fascinated to learn all about Stonehenge this afternoon. They were amazed at both how long ago the construction started and that hundreds of people transported the stones using rivers, oxen and ropes! The stones were moved and raised using rollers, ropes, wooden levers, A frames, pulleys and of course man power!

The children discovered it was used for healing, worship and burial showing us that Stone Age people believed in worshipping Gods, including sun gods.

Video: How to Trap a dragon!

Today, Bluebirds worked in groups to present clear, ordered instructions. Besides including time openers, prepostions, imperative verbs, adverbs and a list of what is needed, children needed to consider clarity, speed and volume of voice, ensuring they kept a good pace, maintaining the interest of their audience. Afterwards, each group had the opportunity to peer assess another group upon their performance.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Writing Instructions

How to trap a dragon!

This morning, Bluebirds devised a toolkit for how to write instructions:

Include a “You will need” list of equipment
Number each step (or use bullet points)
Clear instructions in order
Use time openers
Include imperative (bossy) verbs
Use adverbs and adjectives where needed

Afterwards, they ordered and made a list of instructions for how to trap a dragon!

Spelling Investigation

Today, Bluebirds learnt about indefinite articles and when to use either “a” or “an.”

To start with we recapped on which letters of the alphabet were vowels and sang the chorus of an old 1980s pop song to memorise them! (A.E.I.O.U.). In addition, we found out that we needed to use “an” for words beginning with X such as “an X-ray.” As is often the case in English language, we discovered there were exceptions to the rule! We discovered words beginning a silent “h” also needed “an”. In a piece of writing, we found some words (unit and uniform) that needed an “a” rather than using “an”. Listening to the phoneme carefully, we realised that if the “u” is a long vowel sound, only “a” is required. That led us on to a spelling investigation to see if we could find any other words. We used a dictionary to help us.

Here are the list the class made:

Unicorn, university, unicycle, unanimous, unique, universe and Union Jack!

Testing solvents

Today, Bluebirds carried out an investigation to find the most effective solvent to remove nail varnish. They wore goggles and gloves and really looked like scientists! First, they predicted which solvents they thought would work. They tested water, bleach, hydrochloric acid, ethanol (meth spirits) and propanone (acetone). Each group of three, were given a tile and then painted 5 lines of nail varnish on to it. The group then dipped a cotton bud into one of the solvents, to try and remove the varnish.

Video: Experiment using air

This afternoon, Bluebirds had great fun experimenting with air today.

They watched Mrs Parry and Mrs Johnson knock down a pyramid of cups using an airzooka, which is a gadget that shoots out puffs of air. When they pulled back the tab on the airzooka, it sucked in some air and as they released the tab, it shot the air out very quickly! Some brave volunteers even balanced cups on their heads….Mrs Johnson was a very good aim!

As we couldn’t see the air, we used a smoke machine to understand (and see) how the airzooka created kinetic energy which made the smoke travel. It then began to lose kinetic energy as it travelled through air. The smoke began to dissolve as it travelled because it mixed with air particles.

Stone Age Cave Paintings

Today, Bluebirds looked at photos of real paintings from Stone Age Caves in Spain, France and Bulgaria. The children wondered whether the people used berries, animal blood or charcoal from their fires. Most of the paintings were of animals and in some cases, people.

Mrs Parry demonstrated how to draw and shade the pictures using different Art pencils. The children were keen to get started on their own pictures.