PANTS Power!

This afternoon, Bluebirds discussed what children need to be kept safe from.  There were lots of answers including stranger danger, not getting lost in places like a shopping centre and being careful of the sea at the beach. The children considered who were safe adults they could talk to both in school and at home.
School: my teacher, teaching assistants, last year’s teacher, Miss Williams, Mr Ball, Mr Lo, Mrs Johnson, Miss Hackett, the lunch time supervisors and Miss Stoiber.    Bluebirds referred to photos on display in our class,  of adults in charge of keeping them safe in school, noting their purple lanyards.
Home – trusted adults like your Mum, Dad, Grandparents, or Aunties and Uncles.
They discussed rules to keep children safe.  Ebony said, “Don’t talk to strangers!” and Boren suggested, “Never run off and away from your parents if you are out in public.”
The children discussed body part names and which ones were private.  They worked on their tables together to name and label the parts.   They also completed an activity about what was appropriate touch.  Some of the class remembered the Pantosaurus song which everyone watched at the end of the lesson.

Digital Devices 

Over the last two weeks, Bluebirds have been learning how digital devices work and can now identify input and output devices.  The class all joined in a sorting exercise, deciding whether a device was input or output.  They correctly identified one which was both.  Only the cable proved tricky as it was neither! Bluebirds considered items in the home such as microwaves, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, tumble dryers and televisions and explained the input – process – output.

Basketball Skills

For the last two weeks, the Bluebirds have been doing basketball skills in PE.
We have been learning how to throw and catch the ball, how to throw it to someone else in our group with a bounce and starting to bounce and dribble the ball. All these skills will be extremely useful when we play a game!

Marvellous Maths

In maths, Bluebirds have been learning about the place value of three-digit numbers.
We’ve been making three-digit numbers and looking at different ways to partition three-digit numbers. To help us, we’ve been using arrow cards and dienes. Next we’ll be using the place value counters. We’ve been working out how much each number is worth and recording it in our books in number sentences and part, part, part, whole models.

Mixing Colours

Today, Bluebirds looked at some photos of real cave paintings from the Stone Age.  They considered how people then made their paint colours.
Rosie suggested berries, Freya said mud and Laken wondered if they used leaves.  Lorise thought they may have used rocks.  Mrs Parry added charcoal from the fires could have been used too.
The class were experts at naming primary colours and knew which to mix together to make secondary ones.   They all experimented to make typical Stone Age shades and colours.

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs

In year 3, we are reading The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs as told by Jon Scieszka.
Year 3 Bluebirds were very lucky on Wednesday morning as The Wolf happened to be passing by looking for a cup of sugar! Mrs Parry sat the wolf down as he wasn’t feeling well, and he kept on sneezing. The Bluebirds were able to ask him some questions.
We asked: Were you really looking for a cup of sugar?
The Wolf replied: Oh yes! I needed it for my baking.
We asked: Where is your suit?
The Wolf replied: This is my smartest dress.
Perhaps his suit is at the dry cleaners.
We asked: What is your favourite food?
The Wolf replied: Bacon sandwiches and sausage rolls.
The wolf explained that children don’t ignore their lunch at lunch time so how could the wolf ignore those delicious little piggies? The Wolf told us how trustworthy he is, he always tells the truth and does the right thing!
We asked: Do you eat children?
The Wolf replied: Only on a Wednesday….
Luckily, Miss Knapman returned and no one was eaten for lunch! What a relief and Bluebirds were able to write their character description of The Wolf in peace.

Locating Continents

In Geography, the Bluebirds are learning about continents and oceans. Using the large map in the hall, we stood on different continents, and then others were asked to join them . We sang the song to help us remember. Then we did the same for the oceans, we identified them, stood on them and Mrs Moore asked different oceans to wave at her.

Self Image and Identity

Bluebirds learnt all about self image and identity in Computing today.  They realised how everyone has an offline and online identity.   For example, a person could like rock music (offline identity) and stream such music from Spotify (which in their online identity).  They looked at two examples of two people’s images and identities and then completed work in their book.  They chose examples about themselves and then colour coded whether the information should be disclosed online.

Tidy Teddies

Bluebirds were rather surprised to see a group called “The Tidy Teddies” had turned up in class and had left a note on Lorise’s desk! They only appear on each table if it is perfectly neat and tidy.  This means the class will need to take RESPONSIBILITY for ensuring their work stations are READY for the afternoon.  This is something they can take pride in whilst being RESPECTFUL with all their class resources.  Working together as a team, to keep everything tidy is also showing respect to one another.  Well done Bluebirds!

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