Online Safety in Anti-Bullying Week

In Computing, Bluebirds had a great understanding of how inappropriate behaviour and bullying can happen online:
Esmee – Someone can type something mean.
Muneeb – Someone could send you a rude message or swear.
Shenyar – Someone could share something about you.
Isla – someone could be nasty to you on a chat. e.g. Roblox .
Ollie – People could message others behind someone’s back .
Frankie – someone could message you and pretend to be someone else.
Mrs Parry explained that someone could have their photo edited and shared to others too.
The children also knew they should advise an adult if any sort if this should happen to them.  In pairs, the class shared kind remarks they had received from other people this week – there were loads of examples! Well done Bluebirds!
The class learnt a song to a well-known tune and completed the lyrics in their books besides recording ways that people can be cyber bullied.

Anti-Bullying Week

Bluebirds talked in tables to discuss and share what they had learnt this week during anti-bullying week.

Today, Bluebirds talked about what kind words have been said to them during the week.
Isla – Leah said my hair bun looked really pretty.
Alexus – A year 2 pupil was kind to me when bumped my leg on the wall.
Leah – Poppy said she liked my new earrings.
Frankie – Mrs Parry said she loved my plaited bun for photo day!
Taylor – Brooke said my hair was nice
Evie – A Year 2 child told me I was really kind when I helped them after falling.
Salaf – My sister said I was helpful as I helped her on the computer with her homework.
Esmee – My brother said I was nice as I played with him.
Edey – On line players congratulated me for winning a Pokemon game and said “Good job! You are the best player!”
Brooke – Kodi in Reception said I looked nice.  I was his buddy when he started here in September.

Exploring how Buddhists Care for the World

Bluebirds watched three videos all about Buddhism and saw the local Vihara which is by Edgbaston Reservoir.  They found out that, similar to other religions, they pray and meditate.
They also learned that Buddhists are kind, loving, caring, respectful, thoughtful, friendly, nice (even if someone isn’t kind to you, you need to be the better person), fair and humble.


The Bluebirds in Year 3 have been investigating materials that have magnetic properties.
We tested different items around the classroom to see which were magnetic and thought about what they have in common. We learned about magnetic fields and laws of attraction and that magnets have a north and a south pole.
We found that a lot of metal things in the classroom were magnetic, but not all metals. We also found that our white board rubbers were magnetic, so they must have iron on one side of them!

Compliments to 100

In maths this week, Bluebirds have been learning about compliments to 100.
We used our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to help us. We also used hundred squares and number lines. We coloured in the number in one colour to count the ones and tens to find each number’s compliment. Next, we wrote the number on a number line to count on in ones to the next nearest 10 (using our number bonds to 10) and then counted on to 100. This helped us work out the number bonds!


In History this week, the Bluebirds in year 3 have been archaeologists! We brushed – very carefully, in the sand and dug up some artefacts. They were artefacts from the Stone Age and would have been used by humans living then.
We found a knife. Evie thought they it would have been used for cooking and Edey thought that it could be used for chopping things. Muneeb thought it could be used to cut meat, as it looked quite sharp. Ryan thought carrots as the knife looked strong and Shenyar suggested it could have been used to cut the skin of animals.
We also found an arrowhead. Esmee thought it would have been used to hunt and kill animals. Brooke suggested birds and Alexus said they would have caught fish too. When we found a larger arrowhead, Isabel definitely thought it would have been used to kill a larger animal like a deer.


This week, Bluebirds have been thinking about the characters Ruskin and Elvis from our class reader Krindlekrax.
First, we compared them by drawing them and writing about their personalities and appearance in our books. We then thought of how Ruskin might be feeling and what he might be thinking about Elvis. The we did some hot seating of Elvis and asked him some very tricky questions!
When Evie was Elvis, she said that it was her ball that went out of control and when he doesn’t like someone, he bullies them, and if he sees something he likes in a shop like popsicles, he’ll take it!! When Edey was Elvis, he said he bullies Ruskin because he is a useless Splinter! When Thomas L was Elvis, he said that he liked to scare people and Jalees as Elvis said, he felt happy when he broke windows. This really helped us get into the character of Elvis.


This morning, the Bluebirds in Year 3 started their new class reader – Krindlekrax.
We read up to page 9 and can’t wait to read further!
When we looked at the front cover, some of the Bluebirds thought it was a dragon, some thought it was a crocodile or maybe a lizard.
When making a prediction, Brooke thought that Ruskin (the main character) was on the front cover and that he is the dragon! Evie thought that Ruskin might turn into a dragon!