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Recognising features of a diary

This morning in English, the Bluebirds in Year 3 were given pieces of a diary to order. We discussed which piece of the diary would come first and why and which would come next for the diary to be in the right order and to make sense.

Then we made a key for the different features of the diary we were identifying. We included verbs, past tense and conjunctions in our key. The conjunctions we were looking for were, when, because, if and that.

Online reputation

As part of Anti Bullying Week, in our online safety lesson we were looking at our online reputation and the things that we should share online and the things that we shouldn’t. We discussed different things that could be shared and decided that anything that was our own personal information shouldn’t be shared with others.

Column method with regrouping

In year 3, the Bluebirds have been learning how to do column addition with regrouping.

We are given a three digit addition sum on the board and we make it in counters in our hundreds, tens and ones chart. We also write it on our whiteboard, ensuring that the numbers are lined up correctly and in the right column.

We start in the ones column, by putting all our ones together we can see how many there are altogether. If the ones column is more than 10, we can replace 10 ones with a tens counter and regroup the tens into the tens column.

Now, we can add our tens together, moving the counters together and putting the answer in the tens column.

Then, we can do the same with our hundreds. Put all the hundred counters together and put our answer in the hundreds column.

Not being a bystander

We have continued to contribute towards Anti-Bullying Week.

This morning in check-in, Bluebirds in year 3 shared their ideas about what is wrong with being a bystander.

Daisy W – you are just as bad as the bully
Sammy – you might lose friends
Eason – you are not helping the person being bullied
Imogen – someone could get hurt
Maya – someone’s feelings could get hurt
Daisy G – it start happening to you
Amelie – if you don’t help, it could carry on
Andrew – I would give the bully the chance to stop
Dora – I would help the person being bullied be strong
Liam – you should always help your friends
Krista – stick up for your friend and tell a teacher
Maarya – don’t let bullying happen
William – you must support your friends
Zi yan – if you are a bystander, you are just as bad as the bully

We discussed how we could help stop any bullying we see, we could tell a trusted adult to get involved and help us. In the Bluebirds class, we are one big team and we are united against bullying!

Anti-Bullying Week Check In

Our check-in this morning in year 3 was how we can play our part to stop bullying. We wrote our ideas down when we came in, in the morning and then shared them during check-in. We discussed what was meant by respect, how to treat others how we would like to be treated. We also talked about what it was meant by being a bystander and what we could do in order not to be a bystander and be kind and supportive to others.

Andrew gave us some excellent advice and said that if you are being bullied, tell a trusted adult, like a teacher, a parent or carer.

Daisy C said “if we come together, we can stop bullying!”