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Anti-Bullying Week Check-In

Think of ways to make school better for everyone.

Lexi – Everyone should get a chance to do everything.
Dylan – A school rule about being fair with others should be added.
Seth – “Be Fair” should be added to our school rules.
Jessica – You should show people that you care and encourage them to do the same. Be a role model so others do the same as you.
Paige – We could stay indoors and play games indoors at break with friends.
Millie – Give people a hug, as if they’re alright or need help.
Blessed – Everyone should try hard to use their manners.
Havana – Pupils should be polite and use the Behaviours for Learning.
Tanatswa – Pupils should use the blue bench and talk to others who are sat there alone.
Ibrahim – Pupils should try smiling at each other and be thankful and happy

Anti-bullying Week Check In

Mrs Parry asked Bluebirds, What does the school already do to stop bullying and ensure all children are happy and safe?” The class discussed the meaning of feeling safe which includes both physical safety and also emotional safety (how we feel inside…..nervous, worried, sad, anxious, lonely etc).

Christian values of Harvest

Bluebirds have been learning about the Christian values of Harvest. Mrs Parry asked them what words could be made using the letters of HARVEST. There were quite a few!

Interestingly, some were very apt to the subject of harvest such as have, share and starve. The class talked about our Harvest assembly and where the donated food went to. The children then created acrostic poems using the word.

Enjoying Reading In Class

Bluebirds have really enjoyed their reading sessions where they have chosen what they would like to read. There were lots of different ways we saw reading happening such as:

Children reading alone to themselves, out loud to one another, in small groups, Mrs Parry and a group sat on the mat together, Miss Dainter read to children, children sat On cushions in our book corner, lay on their coats or even under the table. It was a great relaxed atmosphere and everyone was reading what they loved!

Mrs Parry told the children about a treasured collection of books she has in her loft at home. They were her favourites as a girl which she could never part with! Mrs Parry wondered whether the children might be interested in seeing them. The children were very excited to see the treasure chest the next day! They promised they’d take good care of the books as they knew how special these stories were to Mrs Parry. She shared with the children the significance of why these stories meant so much to her and made a display for the children to read about these particular books.

The treasure chest is being kept with our special Year 3 authors boxes. Mrs Parry’s books have a good star on and a golden bookmark inside. When a child has read the book they write their name on the back of the bookmark so other children can talk to them or ask them about it. This should create opportunity for book talk and hopefully work as a review and recommendation exercise.

Pippa chatted with Mrs Parry about The Faraway Tree characters and Tanatswa shared her favourite part of The Naughtiest Girl In The School too. Millie told the class about her favourite book called Mr Moo and kindly brought it in so we could all hear the story together. Lexi brought in her non fiction book all about Space and Jessica brought in a super “lift the flap” timetable book! Jessica is currently reading a fairy story book that Miss Williams has recommended.

Mrs Parry talked about the rights of a reader and the children agreed if they really don’t enjoy a book then they shouldn’t have to finish it. On the other hand, they also agreed it was fine to read a story lots of times when it’s one you really enjoy. Mrs Parry showed the class a book she bought from the school book fair in Primary school about a little bear called Corduroy. She had read it lots of times both as a child and then to her own children when they were young. Bluebirds wanted to hear it too so Mrs Parry was really pleased to be able read the story again and share it a new generation of children!

Monster List Poems

This week, Bluebirds have been reading a variety of different types of list poems. They have been identifying how poets use different features in these poems to entertain the reader. The children noticed they do not always rhyme but usually the list includes unexpected or unusual items that can be exaggerated for effect. Bluebirds are currently reading a story called Krindlekrax. There is a creature living in the drain underneath Lizard Street but no one has seen it… yet!

Everyone made a plan of what the monster could look like, sound like, feel like, smell like and considered its behaviour and diet! Imaginations ran wild with lots of funny ideas! We thought about all the famous monsters we know from books and films. One boy suggested Mum’s are sometimes like monsters first thing in a morning when they are roaring at children to get ready if they are late! A very amusing line to end the poem and hopefully entertain our readers! Other pupils tweaked this idea and changed it to the teacher!

Movement of the Moon!

Bluebirds were very interested in learning all about the moon today. They discovered it does not give out moon light but reflects sunlight. They acted out how the moon moves using equipment besides watching film animations. They realised that the moon is present all the time and does not “come out” at night. Mrs Parry and Ryan had both noticed the moon one morning last week, before school!

Charlie – I’ve learnt there are new names for different parts of the moon such as new moon, half moon and the dark/far side!
Ryan – The Moon orbits the Earth.
Havanah – Other planets have got different moons.
Paige – When there is less of the moon it is called waning.
Ibrahim – The Moon spins anti-clockwise.
Dewha – When there is more of the moon it’s called waxing.

Stone Age Menus

Bluebirds have been researching what people ate during the three periods of time within the Stone Age.

Surprisingly, there are still some foods eaten today! Can you spot them on our menus?! The class compared their diet to the Stone Age diet to see similarities and differences. We all felt very hungry at the end of this lesson!


Bluebirds have been learning about sharing in RE and this week, they found out that Muslims have Zakah. They give away 2.5% of their savings. We worked this out using a 100 square and linked it to our knowledge of money as we haven’t learnt about percentages yet in Year 3!