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Adding & subtracting fractions

This week in Maths, the Bluebirds in year 3 have been adding and subtracting fractions.

We have been using the fraction cubes to compare fractions and help us when adding and subtracting fractions.

Daisy B said 1/3 is greater than 1/4.

Maya said 2/12 and 1/6 are equivalent fractions.

We worked together on the interactive white board answering equations first. Daisy C showed how much of the pizza was left after two slices had been eaten.

Then, we completed work in our books.

Video: Counting in fours

During Maths, the Bluebirds in Year 3 have been learning their times tables. We have used our knowledge of the two times table to help us with our four times table.

Today, we were using a number stick to help us with our four times table. Mrs Moore held up the counting stick with all the numbers in the four times table in. Then Mrs Moore took away one number and we had to remember which number was missing. Mrs Moore repeated this four times! Daisy G helped Mrs Moore to put all of the numbers back into the right place in the four times table.

Column method with regrouping

In year 3, the Bluebirds have been learning how to do column addition with regrouping.

We are given a three digit addition sum on the board and we make it in counters in our hundreds, tens and ones chart. We also write it on our whiteboard, ensuring that the numbers are lined up correctly and in the right column.

We start in the ones column, by putting all our ones together we can see how many there are altogether. If the ones column is more than 10, we can replace 10 ones with a tens counter and regroup the tens into the tens column.

Now, we can add our tens together, moving the counters together and putting the answer in the tens column.

Then, we can do the same with our hundreds. Put all the hundred counters together and put our answer in the hundreds column.

Taking away ones from 100 and add ones to 100

This afternoon in Maths, the Bluebirds in year 3 were subtracting ones from 100 and adding ones to 100. First, we used a number line to help us with our subtractions and additions. Then we moved on to number sentences, using our knowledge from the subtraction to help us with our addition.

We even had time for a game of bingo at the end of the lesson. Mrs Sabir said the sum and we had to work out the answer, if that number was on our grid we could cross it off. When all of our numbers were crossed off, we could say Bingo!

At the end of the lesson, an interesting bug was found on one of our sheets, we weren’t sure whether it was a beetle or a kind of ladybug. We named them Bingo and Mrs Sabir let them out into the woodland walk.

Number bonds to 10 snap!

Today in maths, the Bluebirds were playing number bonds to 10 snap. First we had to cut out our tens frames and then we could play! Our partner put down a number and then we had to put down the number that would make the total to 10 – the first one to snap got the point.

SNAP! We had fun learning and remembering our number bonds to 10.

Equal intervals

This afternoon in Maths, the Bluebirds in Year 3 were adding numbers onto number lines in equal intervals. We had to add the numbers in intervals of 50s and 100s. On the last sheet we had to work out where the midpoint of the number line was and which number would be put there. We had three tasks to complete and went through the answers together on the whiteboard when we had finished.

Counting in 25s

In maths today, the Bluebirds in Year 3 were counting in 25s. We used a hundred square to help us, we folded it into 4 equal parts and worked out there were 25 squares in each section. That meant there were four lots of 25 in 100.

Then we added more hundred squares to help us when we continued counting in 25s. We noticed there was a pattern!