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Handling and Presenting Data

Bluebirds considered what information they would like to present using the programme 2Graph.

After lots of suggestions such as food, drink, colours, favourite country, icecream and lessons, the class voted to find out what was the favourite animal in Year 3.

First, as a whole class we created a tally chart to find out the favourite animal in Year 3. Then the children got to work to present the data in three different ways from a choice of vertical/ horizontal bar graphs, line graphs or on a pie chart.

Afterwards children composed questions for others to answer by referring to their graph.

Creating bar charts!

Bluebirds have been finding bar charts very tricky so this morning, the children were shown these examples to spot the common mistakes! They were VERY critical about Mrs Parry’s attempts on the white board and had to give her lots advice about where she was going wrong! The class constructed a list of steps to success! These included:

► Labelling the scale accurately using the lines.
► Ensuring the scale is evenly spaced and of suitable jumps.
► Label the axis and include a title.
► Start at zero.
► Use a ruler and the blue lines in the maths book.
► Evenly space each bar.
► Shade the bar carefully and accurately.

Can you spot the mistakes ?!

All the class felt extremely proud after today’s lesson and could see great improvement in their work from yesterday.

Doing Division

This morning, after recapping dividing with regrouping, Bluebirds learnt about dividing with remainders left over. They started with an activity of seeing how many squares they could make using 13 lollipops. They discovered they had one left over….one remainder! Next they had to investigate how many triangles could be made with 38 sticks. Ke Xin, Lola and Callum C ran on just of sticks but decided to write down the multiple of three to find the answer! Good thinking!

Afterwards, Bluebirds were successful in using a number line to calculate division with remainders accurately. Well done Bluebirds!