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Chocolate Cake By Michael Rosen

In English, Bluebirds have been taking part in a debate about whether it was right for Miss Dainter to just have a little taste of the chocolate cake that Mrs Parry had brought into school to share with the teachers. Without her knowledge, Miss Dainter did have one small slice of the cake and found it yummy.
The children took part in conscience alley; this is where they each say their side  for or against Miss Dainter eating the chocolate cake.
For not eating the cake:
Yusuf: She did not have permission to eat the cake.
Anren: It’s not right because Miss Dainter ate it right in front of the class (not a good role-model.)
Charlie: It’s not breaktime and Mrs Parry said it was for then.
Musa: She couldn’t stop herself from eating the cake ( no self-control.)
Declan / Aya : She may have been hungry but it was not breaktime yet.
For eating the cake:
Tatenda: She felt left out as it was only for the teachers.
Alexander H: It was teasing and too tempting for her as she smelt it.
Elias: It’s not fair that the cake is only for teachers.
Sam: Teaching Assistants work harder than teachers so she should have the cake as well as the teacher.
Shriya : A teacher just does the marking whereas Teaching Assistants help everyone.
We then enjoyed Micheal Rosen’s Poem called Chocolate Cake. You can listen to him reading it here:

The Journey by Aaron Becker

The Children used the skill of freeze frame to act out The Journey by Aaron Becker.
If you had something magical that could take you on adventures, where would you go? What would you do? How would you stay safe?
Throughout this book Bluebirds have followed the journey of a girl and her magic. They read about the adventures it took her on. From her home, to a forest, along canals into a castle, flying over the desert and back home to meet a boy with a magical purple crayon.
I wonder if they will go on more adventures with their very magical crayons, what do you think?

Rhythm of the Rain 

Imagine you’re a jar of water that been poured back in a stream. Where would you go? Where would you end up? What would you see along the way?
This is the task Bluebirds were set in English. They used hotseating and all had a chance to ask questions of the jar of water. Children who wished to sit in the hotseat were different parts of the water’s journey. The rest of the class then asked the jar of water what it could see, hear, smell, feel and taste (the 5 senses).


Over the last few weeks, Bluebirds have  collected lots of facts about Ancient Egypt to help create their own online E-books. The children found this fun and informative, learning so much more about Ancient Egypt and how their community worked. They used all the information they had gathered to help with their own lift-the-flap hide and seek book which Bluebirds are writing in English.

Alternative Endings

Bluebirds enjoyed hearing the beginning of Tom Thumb this morning. Mrs Parry explained that as a class, they were going to write an alternative ending, before hearing the real one.   There was lots of talking and sharing of possible endings for the tale.   It took a lof thinking to ensure the ending linked to the beginning! Reva said the story reminded her of Thumbelina which a few other girls had read.  After lots of discussion we all decided that Tom should meet Thumbelina on he way home back from the castle to see his parents at home.  You’ll have to wait and see how the story ends…….watch this space!
In ERIC Mrs Parry suggested the children should hunt out Mrs Pepperpot stories in the library if they liked hearing Tom’s adventures and scrapes as she can sometimes get in quite a pickle! Mrs Parry used to read these books when she was a girl – highly recommended! Guess how big Mrs Pepperpot is?!

Breaking News!

In English we have been trying out some more Drama and have been learning how to be News Reporters. We took the story The Lost Happy Endings by Carol Ann Duffy and Jane Ray and used it to create a news report. This will now help them to write their own newspaper report.