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A Missing Chapter

At the the moment Bluebirds are reading KrindleKrax by Philip Ridley.  We have reached the part where the main character (Ruskin) has lost his only friend and now feels more alone than ever. Ruskin then blames all in Lizard Street for his friend’s death, telling each one how and what they had done to harm Corky.
After, many of the residents of Lizard Street come to see Ruskin and say how worried they were about him because he would not come out of his bedroom.  They started to share stories of how his best friend (Corky the caretaker) had received his medal for saving Lizard Street and other items that Corky had left to Ruskin.
The book talks about how Ruskin was inspired by listening to the stories and how he was going to solve the problem of KrindleKrax in the sewers and become the hero.
Bluebirds have been challenged to write the missing chapter from the book. After the children had written and drawn their plan, they each told one another what their chapter held and what would happen to poor Ruskin.


Champion Words

Bluebirds were very excited this morning when Mrs Parry asked them if they would like to wrote the next chapter of the class reader Krindlekrax.   They set to work planning what happens when the main character, who is called Ruskin, confronts the crocodile in the sewer.
The children were thinking of suitable vocabulary to describe the smell starting with words such as smelly, stinky and whiffy.  The children recalled previous adjectives they’d used when they described the monsters they had invented such as putrid and pungent.  Elias suggested FETID which was a word the class discovered back in Year 2, when they read with Mrs Parton, in guided reading.  Wow what a great memory you have Elias! Bluebirds  decided to use this as a champion word and added it to their Word Wall.

Monster Poems 

The children have written list poems based on their class novel Kirndlekrax by Philip Ridley.
They spent time looking at and comparing other list poems by many different authors, then created a word bank to help them write their own.
Finally, they not only wrote but also published their list poems using Publisher on the laptops. We hope you enjoy the few poems we could put on our blog – the other poems will be made into a class book for the children to enjoy.

Stone Age Boy

Bluebirds have started their new text in English called Stone Age Boy this week.  They have used their prediction skills and have been considering the the thoughts and feelings of the main character.   Today they undertook a drama activity called freeze framing.  They are going to write some speech and thought bubbles for the characters next!

Enjoying ERIC

Bluebirds enjoyed visiting the library in ERIC today.  Seven children chose a book to borrow to read at home.
Karly – I love reading in here – it is peaceful and quiet.
Shriya – I love being a member of the library. I joined Kings Norton library in the summer with my friend, Reva.


Bluebirds were very excited to begin ERIC again this week.  Some chose to find a quiet corner alone, whilst others read in groups or pairs.  Some children even decided to read to the soft toys in the book corner! Miss Johnson and Ms Dainter shared a book with a small group of children whilst Jacob and Mrs Parry read a brand new book about Mr Noah’s Pockets.  The children were thrilled to dive into a new, big baskets of books.  It was lovely sight to see everyone enthusiastically enjoying reading good book!

Character Study

On Monday morning, the Bluebirds in year 3 read two more chapters of our class reader, Diary of a Killer Cat. We thought about the character of Dad and created a role of the wall for him. The Bluebirds came up with some fantastic adjectives. We decided he was both courageous and cunning, and being sly and sneaky. He was acting was suspicious and being dishonest.