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Roald Dahl Day

Today we learnt all about Roald Dahl as he is one of our authors in Bluebirds. Today would have been his 102nd Birthday. We tried to list all the books we knew he had written before learning all about him as a person.

Dylan – He was an RAF pilot in World War and was in a crash.
Jessica– He invented a medical valve to help his son
Lexi – He was married twice
Ava – He had to test chocolate bars at school which inspired Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Tanatswa – He was 74 when he died

He is buried in Great Missenden which is in Buckinghamshire.

Finding clues within text

Bluebirds have been using pictures to find clues about their English text. From the title page they predicted what they thought the story might be about and considered:

► Can you think of words to describe him?
► Who is this? What do you think you know about them?
► What do they look like?
► How do they feel? Why do you think this?
► Where do they live? What has happened? Where is he? Who is he? What might happen next?

Writing a good email

Bluebirds compared the differences between writing emails and letters and created a vein diagram together. The children thought about the persuasive letter they wrote in English and considered what parts are needed in an email.

The class were able to spot the differences between an email and letter, find mistakes in an email and answer some final quiz questions to show their understanding.

Understanding of poem features

Bluebirds have been really enjoying their work on poetry this week. Mrs Parry read a selection of poems where the class investigated word meanings, new vocabulary, rhyming and features such as similes, puns and a play on words. Mrs Parry read the class some extra ones from her favourite poetry books and the class realised the purpose of poetry could be to entertain. They recalled performing their poems for World Book Day too.

They explained their understanding of poems today and will move onto to looking purpose, poems on a theme, comparing poems and identifying features.

Persuasive Writing

After reading The Tin Forest, Bluebirds imagined how the forest would need to be cared for, if they lived in there. Last week, Bluebirds were busy editing and improving their letters to the local government about caring for our environment. They took great pride in writing out their final letters in best.

Well done Bluebirds – you were very proud of your final pieces of work.

Here are a few examples:

Egyptian News Reports

After editing and improving their work, Bluebirds enjoyed transforming their reports using Purple Mash, to create some superb and authentic looking news reports. The class considered their audience and what the reader would need to know. They have to ensure the five Ws were included in the first (orientation) paragraph…
……do you know what these are?!

Can you spot their journalistic vocabulary to avoid their writing sounding like a story?
Have they included quotes from eye witnesses to add value to their report?

Read Shona’s news report – click here.

Read Amelia’s news report – click here.

Read Kaiden’s news report – click here.

Read Moharnab’s news report – click here.

Read Brooke’s news report – click here.

Read Frankie F’s news report – click here.

Understanding fact and opinion

Bluebirds have been reading newspaper reports and deciding what is fact and what is opinion. They played a thumbs up game, voting whether a statement was fact or opinion. Children thought of both facts and opinions and shared with their partners. The class considered a range of sentences and then composed their own. Finally , the class rotated in two circles to see if their partner could decide whether the sentence was fact or opinion.