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Explore the qualities of friendship

Today Bluebirds learnt that not all friends are loyal and steadfast. The class made a group list of qualities they would look for in a friend if they needed them to help with an important task. The list was huge! The children noticed some of our learning behaviours and value words were desirable qualities they would want in a friend.

The children heard all about the qualities of Jesus’ friends (disciples) which included Simon Peter (leadership in founding the church), John who was loving, James who loyally believed in Jesus, Andrew (told others about the good news of Jesus), Bartholomew who was known for honesty, Matthew (a former tax collector) who changed and loyally followed Jesus. The children decided they would not want Judas Iscariot as a friend because he was greedy, treacherous and betrayed Jesus.

Discovering what happened at the Passover

Bluebirds, heard the story of Moses today and read Exodus, learning all about Passover and the significance of food on the Seder plate.

KeXin: Moses’ Mum put him in a basket on the River Nile to keep him safe from the Pharoah.
Oliver: God spoke to Moses as a burning bush.
Harley: There were ten plagues. One was frogs.
Esmay: There was a plague of gnats.
Nathan: Seder means order.
Dayne: Jewish people remember this at Passover.
Brooke: If people had the lamb’s blood on their door they were “passed over” and were safe.

The Story of Iblis

Today, Bluebirds were introduced to the idea that Allah is omniscient. Muslims believe that even if someone escapes accountability in this world they will not be able to escape it on the day of judgement. The children noticed similarities and differencezs between the Adam and Eve story they had heard from the Bible and this one.

Esmay – It’s the same people but with different names.
Taya – True believers take the right path and untrue ones don’t.
Amelia – The snake or God wasn’t in the story but Allah was.
Lewis – This story didn’t mention eating the apple.
Kaiden – This story talked about angels.

God is omniscient

Learning about the story of the forbidden fruit and that God is omniscient ( all knowing).

The children were asked if they had ever been in a situation where parent/carer asks them a question but already knows the answer:

Amelia – Ate George’s piece of cake from his birthday.
Brooke – Used to put a Kinder egg in her pocket when she went shopping with her mom, she then ate it in her bedroom and had chocolate all around her face so her mom knew!

The story was then read out to the children by Miss Timerick and she asked why Adam and Eve ran away from God?

Taya – They knew they weren’t meant to eat the fruit

Why was God sad?
Dayne – Because they ate the fruit
Nyeema– Because they didn’t listen to him

Exploring similarities and differences

Today, Bluebirds heard the story of the creation of the prophet of Adam and learnt that Muslims believe human ancestry goes back to Adam. We discussed how people have changed since that time due to climate, language, culture, food etc).

We discussed how we have similarities and differences and sat with a partner to compare these areas.

Caring for Pets

Bluebirds heard a verse from Genesis (Ch 1 – verse 28) where humans were given the responsibility to rule over the animals. In the original language it is clear that the ruling is meant to be “caring for and looking after.”

The class used their knowledge of caring for the pets they have at home and completed a list of things to consider when owning a pet. Here is their list of requirements for a happy and healthy pet dog:

  • Exercise to keep them fit and healthy
  • Food/water
  • Somewhere comfortable to sleep
  • Regular check ups and inoculations at the vets
  • Grooming, brushing, washing, teeth cleaning and nail cutting
  • Training (using treats)
  • Toys to keep them entertained so they do not get bored
  • Give them lots of love attention and fuss
  • They may need to stay at the kennels or with a family/friend if you go on holiday
  • After all their recent work in English recently, Bluebirds decided to write a set of instructions about how to care for a pet of their choice.

    Sharing and being generous

    On Wednesday Bluebirds discussed their favourite presents.

    Examples included:

  • A batman costume
  • A pink “ride-in” toy car
  • iPad
  • An iPhone
  • American girl doll
  • Teddy
  • Squishy toys
  • Pokémon
  • Bluebirds then considered what gifts could be given to others that didn’t cost anything such as sing a song, read a story to someone, bake a cake, make a birthday card, smile and a hug. Mrs Parry asked the class if any of them had ever given someone else a present and if so, how did it make them feel. The children agreed it make them have a “nice feeling inside” to give someone else a present and it made them feel happy to make someone else happy!

    Being Hopeful and Visionary

    Bluebirds learnt all about the social situation in USA during the lifetime of Dr Martin Luther King. They discovered that black people and white people were treated differently and were shocked to hear they were segregated, having different schools, buses and restaurants. Martin Luther King wanted to challenge these rules because it was unfair and led a number of peaceful protests. The class listened to part of the original speech that he made called “I have a dream.” The class were sad to hear he was assassinated and found out that he is honoured every year on this birthday, which was 15th of January. Learning about MLK has helped the class to develop an understanding of aspirations for society of a committed Christian.