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Introducing ‘Sound’ and ‘If Else’ blocks

During today’s Computing lesson with Mr Baddhan, Year 3 Bluebirds have continued to put their understanding of coding into practise using Scratch.

Today Bluebirds used the “If Else” and “Sound” blocks to introduce sound to their program. They have started to work on creating a dancing sprite program where a sprite will dance over some sound.

We hope to have some of the children’s work on our class blog this week.

Owning our online identity

As part of Safer Internet Week, Bluebirds class have been discussing areas about online identity. Mr Baddhan showed the class a video about owning your identity online. The children discussed:

► What they liked and disliked about the video?
► What the key messages about online identity?

The video is here – click here to watch it.

The children then put together a brainstorm of different ideas that relate to owning your online identity. The children suggested the following ideas…

► Be yourself.
► Don’t try to copy others.
► Keep your personal information with yourself.
► Don’t be a keyboard warrior.
► It’s not all about getting more followers.

Computing unplugged!

This week, Bluebirds enjoyed an interesting “unplugged” computing lesson, to understand the difference between the World Wide Web and the Internet. After learning about this, the class completed a close activity to check their understanding. Lots of children learnt new information so it was a really worthwhile lesson!

Writing a good email

Bluebirds compared the differences between writing emails and letters and created a vein diagram together. The children thought about the persuasive letter they wrote in English and considered what parts are needed in an email.

The class were able to spot the differences between an email and letter, find mistakes in an email and answer some final quiz questions to show their understanding.

Handling and Presenting Data

Bluebirds considered what information they would like to present using the programme 2Graph.

After lots of suggestions such as food, drink, colours, favourite country, icecream and lessons, the class voted to find out what was the favourite animal in Year 3.

First, as a whole class we created a tally chart to find out the favourite animal in Year 3. Then the children got to work to present the data in three different ways from a choice of vertical/ horizontal bar graphs, line graphs or on a pie chart.

Afterwards children composed questions for others to answer by referring to their graph.

Egyptian News Reports

After editing and improving their work, Bluebirds enjoyed transforming their reports using Purple Mash, to create some superb and authentic looking news reports. The class considered their audience and what the reader would need to know. They have to ensure the five Ws were included in the first (orientation) paragraph…
……do you know what these are?!

Can you spot their journalistic vocabulary to avoid their writing sounding like a story?
Have they included quotes from eye witnesses to add value to their report?

Read Shona’s news report – click here.

Read Amelia’s news report – click here.

Read Kaiden’s news report – click here.

Read Moharnab’s news report – click here.

Read Brooke’s news report – click here.

Read Frankie F’s news report – click here.