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Today in French Bluebirds were learning the words for different colours.

Anren: Today we learnt ‘ les couleurs’ which is colours in French. We also learnt about a few countries in Europe.

Fun, Fantastic, French BINGO!


Year 3 Bluebirds had a great lesson in French. They all played ‘French Bingo’, from their understanding of the animals names, in French. Previously, they had created the animal designs on paper plates. The teacher would then call out an animal name and the first table to put up the correct plate got the point. A fun French lesson.

French Bingo!


Today Bluebirds class did a French lesson on how they were feeling. The teacher would ask ‘comment allez vous?’ or ‘how are you?’ Then they would respond using a range of emotions they could respond with.

They then created coloured faces they could play bingo with. Each table had to colour in a range of emotions displayed on paper plates. The teacher would call out the emotions and the table that raised the correct face first one a prize. ‘A really fun way to learn’ Hanson. ‘I really enjoyed learning french’ Elizabeth.