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Science with Maarya

Last week, Maarya in the year 3 Bluebirds did some fantastic Science experiments at home.

Maarya made some shadow puppets out of cardboard. She used a source of light and a plain wall in her house to observe the shadows. Maarya held the shadow puppets up against a wall and as her puppets were opaque, they blocked the light and caused a shadow on the wall.

Maarya also used some glow in the dark shapes, she put them in a black cardboard box. First, she left them in the light of a room, then she covered them with a blanket to see how much they were glowing. The glow in the dark stars absorbed the light from the source of light in Maarya’s room and then starting glowing when Maarya covered them with a blanket.

Excellent experiments Maarya – well done!

Times Tables Rock Stars Certificates 26.2.21

Last week, the Bluebirds in year 3 at school and at home have been playing on Time Tables Rock Stars and improving their times tables and their rock star statuses!

Last week’s highest earner stays the same with Daisy B for the second week running, she earned 11,000 coins again – fantastic!

Last week’s most improved was Imogen, with her rock star status going up – well done!

The fastest rock speed for a third week is Eason, however Dora is still a close second! Well done both of you!

Science with Daisy C

Daisy C from the year 3 Bluebirds has been working hard at home, and has been getting into our new Science topic, light.

At home, Daisy has made some animal shadow puppets using the templates from the home learning timetable.

Daisy created a rainbow using a glass bowl of water, a torch and a disk! The light passed through the transparent glass bowl, the water and reflected off the disk and made a rainbow on the white paper.

Daisy also created a rainbow in her garden using a hose. Daisy made a spray of water out of the hose, made sure she was safely behind her umbrella and watched the rainbow appear. Daisy could see the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet in the rainbow because the light bends and slows down as it goes through water.

Science – Shadows

This afternoon in Science, the Bluebirds in the year 3 bubble were looking at shadows. We learned what causes shadows, how they are altered by the height or placement of the sun and why they changed.

We used the torches, the compare bears and plastic animals. We turned the classroom lights off and pretended the torches were the sun. We moved the source of light around the plastic animal to see how the shadow changed and why.

Journey – Fronted Adverbials

This week in English,  the Bluebirds in year 3 are looking at the book Journey.

Yesterday, we looked at an illustration from the book, we wrote what we could see in the picture around it. Then we put them into sentences adding a fronted adverbial, remembering a comma after the fronted adverbial!

This morning,  we looked at a different illustration form Journey and wrote what we could see in the picture, what we could possibly hear, what they girl might be feeling and her emotions. We then wrote different fronted adverbials around the illustration.

Our writing from today’s lesson is the start of a plan to write a setting description.

Shadow Puppets

Yesterday in Science, the Bluebirds in the year 3 bubble made shadow puppets.

We cut out the animal shapes from the home learning timetable (Science on Wednesday) and Sellotaped them onto sticks – you could also use lollypop sticks.

We turned all the lights off in the classroom and investigated where in the classroom made the best shadows.

We held the shadow puppets up against a dark background and shone the torch onto the puppet. As the paper puppet was opaque, it blocked the light from the torch and caused a shadow on the wall.

Science – Glow Stick Experiment

This afternoon in Science, the children in school did the glow stick experiment, this is Monday’s experiment on the home learning timetable.

We had either a cup of hot water or a cup of cold water on our desks and each had a glow stick. We snapped the glow stick, turned off the lights and put our glow stick into the cup. We observed the difference between the the glow stick in the hot water and the glow stick in the cold water.

Helen had hot water on her desk, she looked closely at what happened when she put her glow stick in the cup.

The Bluebirds commented on the different reactions between their cup and the person’s next to them.

We put the cups next to each other to clearly see the difference. The glowing isn’t as bright in the cold water because chemical reactions happen faster at high temperatures. The chemical reaction is slower when the glow stick is cooler and speeds up when glow sticker is hotter in the warm water.

Science – light

Yesterday, the Bluebirds in year 3 started a new topic in Science, this half term we are learning about light.

Daisy C made shadow puppets at home, using old cardboard rolls and cut out pictures. She made a dark space in her room and with a torch, she shone the light through the rolls and observed the shadows they made on the wall. How fantastic Daisy – well done!

Times Tables Rock Stars Certificates 12.2.21

The Bluebirds in year 3 at school and at home have been playing on Time Tables Rock Stars and improving their times tables and their rock star statuses!

This week’s ‘fastest speed’ stays the same with Eason in the top spot! Well done Eason!

This week’s ‘most improved’ is Scarlett! Scarlett has been going on TTRS much more and has improved her speed and time tables – fantastic!

And the ‘highest earner’ in Bluebirds is Daisy B this week. Daisy has played the most games out of all the Bluebirds this week and earned an impressive 11,000 coins – amazing!

Well done Bluebirds – keep up the hard work!

Have a great half term holiday!

River Maps

During the live lesson this morning, Mrs Moore was teaching the Bluebirds in year 3 about the different features of a river. We learnt about the upper, middle and lower course and how to recognise them.

We drew river maps, making sure to include the source, mouth, upper, lower and middle course, and tributaries.

George’s river map emailed in from home.

The year 3 Bluebird bubble working hard.