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Twycross Zoo

What a fantastic trip Bluebirds had to Twycross Zoo! They learned such a lot about biomes and why they are so important to all of life on earth.

Biodiversity  is all the different kinds of life you’ll find in one area—the variety of animals, plants, fungi, and even micro-organisms like bacteria that make up our natural world. Each of these species and organisms work together in ecosystems, like an intricate web, to maintain balance and support life. Biodiversity supports everything in nature that we need to survive: food, clean water, medicine, and shelter. 

The children first played a game where they place animals in different habitats: mountain/sea/rainforest/savanna. They learned through this that, although we think of penguins only living in the Antarctic in fact you can find some penguins in South America. 

Bluebirds went on to look at food webs and how each plant, animal, insect, fungi, and bacteria played an important part in the life cycle of that biome. We also learned that in every biome you will find some keystone animals that all other life is supported by. In Africa, the rhinos is a keystone creature as they eat the bushes to keep them under control and stop them taking over the savanna. Rhinos also spread the seeds of the bush in their poo, making sure new plants can grow because their poo in very rich in nutrients. Rhinos love to wallow in mud this helps new waterholes to develop creating more place for other creatures to drink from, such as giraffe. In a healthy biome all life supports each other and this showed the children the reason why we need to look after our earth. 
Bluebirds learned about the 4 R’s: Re-use, Re-cycle, Reduce and, maybe one that we may never think of, Refuse. 
Thank you Twycross Zoo for all we have learned on our trip. 

Staying Healthy 

Bluebirds looked at ways to stay heathy and what it takes to keep them that way. All children came up with what they did to stay heathy. Here are some ideas that you could use at home.


To keep your body heathy

  • eat less sugar
  • eat more  fruit and vegetables
  • drink lots of water
  • a balance diet
  • exercise
To keep our minds heathy,
  • hobbies
  • taking a walk
  • listening to nature
  • yoga
  • making small goals each day
  • listing to music colouring/ painting/ drawing



On Friday, Mrs Parry showed the class a selection of photos that were really important to her.  Mainly they included her family on special occasions and there was even one of her wedding day!
She pointed out that although they were just pictures to the children, when she looked at them, she could recall the whole event.  The children considered this and drew a picture of their happiest and most favourite memory.

Kindness Circle

Bluebirds made a kindness circle and all said one kind thing to another pupil.  This activity made the children feel happy, grateful and proud.
Karly – Declan said I was friendly
Shriya – Reva said I am good at maths
Charlie – Amudha said she likes my handwriting
Ayra – Aizah said my outfit was cute
Corban – Bethany said my shirt is cool
Lexi – Tatenda said I am a kind person.

Kind Words

Bluebirds shared the kind words they had received this week.  Half the class have been asked how they are by another child.
Corban – My sister told me I looked nice when I got changed last night
Maya – When I was peer mediating today, a  Year 2 child told me I was kind today and taught her new games well.
Aizah – My Mum said my hair was pretty this morning.
Isla – Jacob asked if I would like to share his cushion in ERIC time.
Tatenda – Someone complimented my hair today.
Amudha – My Mum said I was beautiful today.
Bethany – My Mum said my uniform looked smart for school

Stone Age Soup

Bluebirds have been looking at the process of soup making from growing the vegetables to how it ends up in a tin.
They made their own vegetable soup using the ingredients that they chose e.g. sweet potato, croquets, and green beans.
The children peeled, cut, and cooked their soup until it was ready to eat.
Most of the children seemed to enjoy the tasting of the soup the best!