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Behaviours for Learning – Active Listening

Last week, the Bluebirds in year 3 were learning about our Behaviours for Learning. We focused on active listening all week.

We did activities and played games that helped us learn why listening is so important to learning. We played Simon Says in the classroom and went into the playground to give each other instructions, it was a lot of fun.

We created active listening posters to illustrate all the behaviours we need in order to be an active listener, they include, making eye contact, concentrating, good sitting and any avoiding distractions around us.

Discussing our value word – friendship

Bluebirds discussed this month’s value word of friendship. They realised it linked with this week’s RE lesson as they had discussed qualities of a good friend when learning about Jesus and his disciples. After considering the qualities we also discussed caring and being respectful to one another as friends and also with regards to our equipment. The children discussed taking responsibility for classroom possessions and taking care of them. We also talked about having a positive attitude and taking pride by tidying up just to be caring, helpful or as a random act of kindness to other members of the class. This would benefit everyone as a whole!

Explore the qualities of friendship

Today Bluebirds learnt that not all friends are loyal and steadfast. The class made a group list of qualities they would look for in a friend if they needed them to help with an important task. The list was huge! The children noticed some of our learning behaviours and value words were desirable qualities they would want in a friend.

The children heard all about the qualities of Jesus’ friends (disciples) which included Simon Peter (leadership in founding the church), John who was loving, James who loyally believed in Jesus, Andrew (told others about the good news of Jesus), Bartholomew who was known for honesty, Matthew (a former tax collector) who changed and loyally followed Jesus. The children decided they would not want Judas Iscariot as a friend because he was greedy, treacherous and betrayed Jesus.

Disucssing our value word – courage

Bluebirds looked at courage this week within their RE lesson, which also linked nicely as it is this month’s value word too!

They discussed the meaning of having courage and being brave when you are scared to do something.
Kennie – I needed courage when we were camping ina tent and there was thunder and lightning.
Cory, Katie, Elliott – We needed courage in the swimming pool with our lessons.
Brooke Ba, Kezi – We needed courage to learn to ride our bikes.
Lexi – I needed courage when I started school and had to be brave.
Megan and Ruby – We needed courage to perform and take our dancing exams.
Chandler – I have to have courage to walk past mannequins!
Amber, Sophia, Rubi – I had to have courage to go on the Pirate Ship / Bumper cars / roller coaster.
Brooke Be – I needed courage when I went rock climbing.

Mrs Parry showed the class a lidded tin with something inside but the children didn’t know what. She kept peeping in and then shutting the lid! The class talked about either leaving it and not needing courage or being brave to look inside. Mrs Parry told them the story of David and Goliath.

Finally, everyone thought about some advice for people needing courage:

Melissa was randomly chosen in the lollipop stick draw to put her hand in without looking. She was a little anxious and removed her hand twice feeling a little afraid! Eventually, she plucked up courage and rummaged around in the tin until she discovered something at the bottom……… after all that, she found it was just a lolly and was glad she had been brave and had courage!

Discussing our value word friendship

In circle time, Bluebirds discussed what they felt the meaning of Friendship was and what qualities a good friend should have:

Demi – You should play games together and look after them.
Kezi – You should look after your friends.
Elliott – You have to be a good friend to have a good friend.
Amber – You should be kind and helpful to each other.
Yusif – You shoule ask someone to play with you if they are lonely.
Lexi – Always stand by your friends and stick up for them.
Megan – Treat friends as you wish to be treated.
Sophie – Be a good listener as they may have better ideas than you.
Pheobe – Help each other with things that are difficult or tricky.
Brooke Ba – Look after friends if they get hurt.
Katie – Keep your friends’ secrets else they won’t trust you. Be loyal.
Poppy – Be kind to each other
Melissa – Friends treat each other nicely and do good deeds for one another. Encourage each other.
Sumaiya – A friend tells the truth and is patient.
Niah – Respect each other and forgive them if you have a disagreement
Harry – Friends don’t lie
Sophia – You should be kind and respect each other.
Joey – Always be honest.
Brooke Be – You should have a heart and be caring.
Ruby L – Don’t laugh at your friends if they are upset.
Chandler – Try and make your friends laugh.
Katerina – You need to be fun.
Evie – Be careful with their toys and share nicely.
Kennie – Be helpful to each other.

Mrs Parry gave the children a recipe to consider …… the ingredients to make a good friend!