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The Cenet – Egyptian Game

Bluebirds enjoyed playing Cenet which is an ​ancient Egyptian board game. This is a simple and fun game for all the family to play and as you can see the children really enjoyed playing it.

If you would like to have a go at home, just click on the PDF: EgyptianSenetGame and download then print off the game board. You need very little in resources, just some counters/buttons and a few lollypop sticks.



Exploring Egypt

What an exciting morning bluebirds had on Monday! The History Man came into school and shared all his knowledge about Egypt and the Egyptian way life.
They learned all about the day-to day life in ancient Egypt, why the Nile was so important and why they used mummification for their rich dead and why the poor did not.
After break, the child got chance to be hands on with all the wonderful resources. they got make their own Scarab Beetle, dress up as Pharaohs, experiment with the ritual of mummification and played games. They had such a wonderful time!
Tatenda: I found the history man funny and I learnt how to play Egyptian games.
Declan: I learned that Egypt is in the top part of Africa. I also made my own canopic jar and a scarab beetle.


Using Swiggle and Safe Search

During Computing, Bluebirds have started research their history topic Ancient Egypt using Swiggle or Kids Safe Search. Bluebirds used both search engines for research on Ancient Egypt.

First, they wrote a question they wanted an answer too, such as – Who was the first Pharoah?  After they typed in the question, they found the answer from one of the many websites.

They then thought about another question they wanted answers to on their topic and looked them up, in a safe online environment.

Here are some ideas the children could use at home, ​Mummies,  Afterlife, Pharaohs, Daily Life, Food/Drink, School and Education. How many answers can they find? – Child Friendly Search Engine for Kids


Bluebirds were fascinated to learn all about Stonehenge this afternoon and took a virtual tour of the site.

They were amazed at both at the size and the construction of Stonehenge and how people used two types of stone.

The children were asked what they thought Stonehenge was used for when it was first built.

Here are some of their clever ideas:

Alexander R – It was built for shelter.

Yusuf – It is a timeline.

Sam – A monument for a person.

Tatenda – They made it to represent the Stone Age.

Reva – It looks like a clock to tell the time.

Charlie thought it was an animal trap of some kind.

The children then went on to discovered it was used for healing, worship and burial. It shows us that in the Stone Age, people believed in worshipping Gods including sun gods.

Stone (soap) knapping

This afternoon during topic, the Bluebirds had a go at Stone Age flint knapping with bars of soap and plastic knives.

First, we looked at flint spear heads that Stone Age people used as weapons. We then each had a bar of soap and a plastic knife and shaved the egdes of the bar into the shape of a spear head.

Salt dough Stone Age jewellery

This afternoon in Topic, Bluebirds were having a Stone Age experience! We made Stone Age style jewellery out of salt dough.

First, we looked at images of Stone Age jewellery on the interactive white board.

Then Mrs Moore showed us how to roll and manipulate the salt dough into bead and tooth shapes. We use a plastic needle to make the hole so we could thread them into a necklace. We will leave leave our beads over night to dry out and then thread them tomorrow!

Black History Month – Millie’s work

This month is Black History Month and during their Topic lessons, the Bluebirds in year 3 have been learning about famous black people throughout History.

This morning, Millie brought in some work she had done at home. She had researched some famous black people and written some facts about them. How fantastic – well done Millie.

We have put Millie’s work up on the board so everyone can read it and she what she has been doing at home.