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Canopic Jars

Bluebirds are extremely proud of their fantastic Canopic jars. They designed their God head shape, modelled the lidded jar and then decorated them in Egyptian colours.

We had some fantastic creations. Ancient Egyptians used these to store the lungs, stomach, intestines and liver in because they believed the dead person would need them ready for the afterlife.

Egyptian artefacts

This week, Bluebirds had fun examining some Egyptian artefacts. They also looked at some photos (secondary sources of evidence). The class answered questions about what they could tell about Egyptian life such as:

What do you think this item could be?
What do you think it was used for?
What is it made from?
What does this tell us about Egyptians?

Finally, the children were very excited to see a sarcophagus complete with a mummy inside!

A Stonehenge Visit

Bluebirds have been learning about Skara Brae and Stonehenge over the last week. At the weekend, Havana took a trip to Stonehenge with her family. Today she shared photographs of her visit with class. They were thrilled to see photos and fascinated to learn it would have taken about 90 people to move just one stone when Stonehenge was created!

A big thank you to Havana and her family for sharing the photos of your exciting trip!

Stone Age Menus

Bluebirds have been researching what people ate during the three periods of time within the Stone Age.

Surprisingly, there are still some foods eaten today! Can you spot them on our menus?! The class compared their diet to the Stone Age diet to see similarities and differences. We all felt very hungry at the end of this lesson!

Our Stone Age Experience!

Bluebirds have enjoyed an amazing day travelling back to experience life in the Stone Age today.

The children completed many tasks including building their own village complete with shelters, making a campfire, cooking a vegetable stew (adult led), throwing “spears” to catch imaginary mammoths and reindeer, excavating an archaeological site for evidence of primary sources(tool heads), foraging for berries and nuts in the trees (pictures of them!), identifying tree types, dissecting Stone Age “poo”, erecting their own Stonehenge, carving tool heads (out of soap!) and making bow and arrows (using sticks).

These activities helped the children to understand and learn how Stone Age people had to move around to find food and what foods they ate, how they lit fires, how they built their shelters, consider how Stone Age people moved the stones to build Stonehenge, how persevering the people must have been as everything took so long to do! Mrs Parry asked them to imagine living with only those shelters for their home. The children made comparisons between Stone Age and their lives today. They realised archaeologists discovered lots of information about prehistoric life by looking for evidence and clues. Writing and cameras had not been invented but we can see secondary sources of evidence today using non-fiction books, photos and websites.

Stone Age Timeline

Bluebirds found out how long ago the Stone Age was today (well done Dylan!). They talked about the length of time this covered and learnt what A.D. and B.C. stood for. Initially Bluebirds thought they’d been alive for a long time… or eight years. Afterwards, some children realised that in fact, in relation to the Stone Age, they had lived for only a very short amount of time! Next lesson, we are going to make a proportional timeline to see and understand this further!

We talked about chronological order and the class worked together to put some dates into the correct order. Lots of concentration was needed too!

Egyptian Gods

Bluebirds used the iPads to research information on the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. In pairs they created ‘top trump’ cards where they filled out boxes such as:

► God / Goddess of
► Appearance
► Other interesting facts
► Power/skill/weapon/importance rating out of 10
► Then finally they drew a photo of the God/Goddess