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Discussing our value word – courage

Last week in PSHE, Bluebirds shared together examples of when they have needed to have courage.

Here is an anonymised list of things that some of the class would need courage for:

► Jumping off a diving board.
► Going on a fair ride.
► Rock climbing.
► Performing in an assembly.
► Trying to swim without armbands.
► Sitting a test or exam.
► Parachuting.
► Climbing a tall climbing frame/a great height.
► Going in a lift.
► Touching a snake, spider or cockroach.
► Performing a new move at gymnastics or trampolining.
► Feeding big animals at the zoo.
► Going down a zip wire.
► Standing a horse.

Bluebirds decided on the whole, people should still try something new and challenge themselves even if they are scared.

Harley – You are scared at first but eventually become brave to do something courageous.
Shona – You should show your bravery.

The children wrote poems about having courage and what they are scared of.

This week in RE, the children explored courage through the Islamic story of The Year of the Elephant. The children identified the courage of Abdul Muttalib when he had to make decision and also the birds when they defended the house.


Bluebirds considered their responsibilities both at school and home today.

Jani – I am responsible for putting my dirty laundry in the basket.
KeXin – I have to tidy my bedroom.
Nashe – I have to look after my younger brother.
Shona – I have to make my own breakfast.
Scarlette – Sometimes I have to hang the washing on the line.

Afterwards, the children got into small groups and mimed a responsibility for other pupils to guess.

Making wise choices (on/offline)

Bluebirds thought about choices they make on a daily basis such as:

Harley: What time I wake my Mum up
Lewis: deciding when to start dressing for school
Moharnab: choosing a partner in class
Nyeema: choosing what to eat for breakfast
Esmay: Choosing to listen carefully to the swimming instructor today
Mason: On a computer game you can mute someone being horrible to you and tell an adult

We considered what wise choices we have to make at play time and lunch time and realised we need to make good and right choices to have the most fun and learn as much as possible. If we do this, we also enable other to have fun and learn too.

Mrs Parry brought in a special book that she had as a little girl and read them the story of Pinocchio. The children listened out for both the unwise and wise choices he made along the way and discovered how how Pinocchio developed his own conscience and we do as we grow up, learning the difference between right and wrong and being independent to judge whether to act correctly.

Finally, Bluebirds made a “conscience alley” and Nashe had to walk to either side of the alley, hearing reasons for and against staying up really late to watch television on a school night! The children had to think of a possible reason for the side they were allocated on!

Why should I do it?
Jan: Because you can watch any TV which is fun
Ryan: You can watch late night TV programmes. They might be scary
Brooke: You can sneak out too if you stay up late!

Why shouldn’t I do it?
Leo: You’ll be late to school if you can’t get up very well as you’d be tired
Frankie L: Because your mum will tell you off
Scarlette: Because you’ll end up falling asleep in class
Mason: Because you will be grounded and unable to play on your X Box

In Talk Partners, Bluebirds thought of examples of when they had made wise choices in their lives.
Moharnab: I decided to only eat healthy cereal
Kerris: I decided to listen to teachers better than I did in Year 1 so I know what to do now.
Zaynab: Before I do something, I consider and think about what could happen next
Taya: If someone is mean to me I choose to ignore them and tell a teacher instead of answering them back.

Red Nose Day 2019

Today, Bluebirds have supported Comic Relief by wearing red and donating £1 to the charity. The class was very bright and cheerful and included beetle boppers and plenty of red noses! Giving money to charity is a way of being caring which is our value word for March.

We also said our goodbyes to Miss Timerick, who has been working with Bluebirds since Christmas, successfully completing her final teaching placement. We wish her well for the future. Good Luck!

Feeling Happy

Today, Bluebirds shared with each other what makes them happy. They tried to explain the meaning of happy to create a definition for the dictionary!

We talked about the the key to being happy such as getting active, doing something for someone else, enjoying time with friends, taking up a hobby, valuing family, counting our blessings, looking for positives, enjoying our hopes and dreams but living in the present, valuing our faith and learning to let go of resentment and regrets. We also discussed opinions about the statement “Money can buy you happiness.”

Whilst the children drew their “happy place”, Mrs Parry played two songs in the background (Happy by Pharrell Williams and Happiness by Ken Dodd!). Before long, some of the children couldn’t resist some happy dancing!

Family Facts!

Bluebirds talked about different types of families and about who to go to for help and support.

he children were asked…

What makes a family?
Do families always live together?
Are people always born into families?
Do people always live with parents or other relatives?
Are people in families always married?
Do old and young people in families live together?