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Compliment Postcards

The children in Bluebirds each wrote a postcard to another child in their class letting them know how great they truly are.
Each child was given the name of another child name in secret, they then thought about the anti-bullying theme for this year, One Kind Word, and came up with their own message for their unique and fantastic classmates.
 Well Done Bluebirds you truly are amazing.

Anti-Bullying Week

The theme for Anti-Bullying Week this year is: One Kind Word. Bluebirds looked at what effect kind words have on us. Throughout the week they children looked at how they felt when someone said One Kind Word.
The children came with acts of kindness they could not only do this week but throughout the year.
Declan – Share equipment
Isla – Look out for people looking unhappy
Corban – Use compliments
Alexander H – Make breakfast for my mum
Aizah – Homemade presents
James – Play with someone new
Anren – Sing a song to someone
Jack – Do a chore at home
Reva – Look out for those who are alone
Here are the feelings the children felt when another person said a kind word to them.
Olivia – Thankful and pleased
Alexander R – Happy
Mrs. Parry – Loved and wanted
Jacob – Surprised
Tatenda – Appreciated and special
Sam – Brightens my day
James – It makes the day good
Lexi Mai – Joyful
Alexander S – Jolly
Ayra – Cheers me up

Kindness Circle

Bluebirds made a kindness circle and all said one kind thing to another pupil.  This activity made the children feel happy, grateful and proud.
Karly – Declan said I was friendly
Shriya – Reva said I am good at maths
Charlie – Amudha said she likes my handwriting
Ayra – Aizah said my outfit was cute
Corban – Bethany said my shirt is cool
Lexi – Tatenda said I am a kind person.

Kind Words

Bluebirds shared the kind words they had received this week.  Half the class have been asked how they are by another child.
Corban – My sister told me I looked nice when I got changed last night
Maya – When I was peer mediating today, a  Year 2 child told me I was kind today and taught her new games well.
Aizah – My Mum said my hair was pretty this morning.
Isla – Jacob asked if I would like to share his cushion in ERIC time.
Tatenda – Someone complimented my hair today.
Amudha – My Mum said I was beautiful today.
Bethany – My Mum said my uniform looked smart for school

Anti-Bullying week

Who are the people in school who can help us to reduce and respond to bullying? 
Yusuf – Teachers or Miss Williams
Olivia – Teaching Asssistants
Shriya – Peer Mediators
Karly – Mrs Butterworth the Head and Mr Parry who helps with IT (online bullying)
Ryan – Use Peacemakers
Elias – A trust adult
Aizah – Dinner ladies
Lexi – Friends
Jacob – my class teacher
Reva – class mates
Corban – Mrs Johnson
Ayra – Children in other year groups
Declan – Another year group’s teacher
Isla – Mr Gill the P.E. teacher
Maya – Miss Hackett
We noticed that EVERYBODY can help to reduce and respond to bullying at Bells Farm!
We made anti-bullying posters linked to this year’s theme of One Kind Word.

Gifts and Talents

The children in Bluebirds were looking at gifts and talents in PSHE today. Everyone has at least one gift or talent; something they are good at.  Their talents or gift might be something like telling jokes, reading, mending bikes or skateboarding .
It might be something quite different like being kind,  solving problems, being honest, helping others or being a good friend. No matter what gift or talent we have, they are all part of us and who we will become.
We talked about the characteristics of different animals and how each animal worked with others as part of a bigger team. The children worked together to become part of a Totem Pole, with each child talking about their gift or talent that would help the group.


Exploring Feelings

Bluebirds listened to a story about a Finnish boy called Sami who had moved countries and had started a new school.  Throughout the stories the class correctly identified the different feelings that Sami experienced.  These included sad, unhappy, tearful, cross, angry, lonely, humiliated, embarrassed and exposed.   Mrs Parry asked the children to think about how our bodies can feel when we have different feelings.
James/Jacob both talked about bad dreams they’d had.   They had woken up very hot and flustered; believing it was true.
Charlie – Talked about when a loud car horn beeped right by him which really frightened him.  His heart beat really quickly.
Bethany / Declan – Talked about being frightened of a dog.  Bethany was hot and shaky and Declan just wanted to run away from the situation as fast as he could (well….cycled!).
Amudha – Explained she felt shy starting school this week and was worried in case no one  liked her.  It was super to see how many children had chatted and made friends with Amudha already! Alex informed Amudha, “We have all been waiting and excited to meet you!”  The class have really been looking forward to Amudha starting Bells Farm and have asked Mrs Parry on a weekly basis about when she would arrive.  Welcome to Bells Farm Amudha!

Class discusssion

Bluebirds discussed how they feel when they receive a present.  After lots of talking about giving presents, they noticed many of the feelings are the same. It feels good to give someone else a present!  The children talked about their best ever present too.
Reva – My very best present was when I received a whole set of books called Rainbow Magic.
Maya – A bracelet kit.
Joseph – A knight costume with boots and a helmet.
Corban – A magic set!
Alex H – A guitar
Everyone then thought about what gifts we can give to others that do NOT cost anything.  There were some fantastic suggestions.  The children remembered the sunflowers they planted in Year 2 and realised they could grow lots more sunflowers once the seeds develop and give people a free plant! Bluebirds also remembered last year, there were times when we couldn’t even hug because of Covid.