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What to do in an emergency

Bluebirds have been learning about what to do in an emergency and also discussing what is classed as a real emergency. This was an important lesson, as many children quote the USA emergency telephone number. Everyone now knows it is 999.

The children watched a video to see what questions are asked when someone dials 999 in a real emergency. We discussed why you should never ring this as a joke.

Finally, the children write a play script of a typical conversation. Mrs Parry has challenged Bluebirds to all make sure they know their home address as not everyone does.

Managing Anger

On Thursday, Bluebirds thought about what makes them angry. Many of the answers were about irritating siblings, not sharing toys or if someone cheats and it is unfair in a game. They talked about how they feel inside and what they look like. After they shared ideas about what to do to help feelings of anger.

Anti-Bullying Week Check-Out

What changes are YOU going to make?

Ava – Stand up for other people if they need help.
Paige – Remind other children about this anti-bullying week.
Blessed – Use Peacemakers more.
Jake – Hold doors for people to be polite.
Ibrahim – Smile at people and hopefully make them smile. Tell a joke!
Dylan – Make sure I am always fair.
Millie – Stick up for others and look after them.
Lexi – Look out for people by themselves and get together with them.

Anti-Bullying Week Check-In

Think of ways to make school better for everyone.

Lexi – Everyone should get a chance to do everything.
Dylan – A school rule about being fair with others should be added.
Seth – “Be Fair” should be added to our school rules.
Jessica – You should show people that you care and encourage them to do the same. Be a role model so others do the same as you.
Paige – We could stay indoors and play games indoors at break with friends.
Millie – Give people a hug, as if they’re alright or need help.
Blessed – Everyone should try hard to use their manners.
Havana – Pupils should be polite and use the Behaviours for Learning.
Tanatswa – Pupils should use the blue bench and talk to others who are sat there alone.
Ibrahim – Pupils should try smiling at each other and be thankful and happy

Anti-bullying Week Check In

Mrs Parry asked Bluebirds, What does the school already do to stop bullying and ensure all children are happy and safe?” The class discussed the meaning of feeling safe which includes both physical safety and also emotional safety (how we feel inside…..nervous, worried, sad, anxious, lonely etc).

Black History Month – Nelson Mandela

Bluebirds have been busy learning all about Nelson Mandela today and finding out why he is so significant in history.

Frankie – He retired in 1999
Jacinta – Nelson was in prison for 27 years.
Millie – it wasn’t fair for people to be separated because of their skin colour.
Blessed – He stood up to the government and was sent to prison.
Ryan – He died on 5th Dec 2013 with a lung illness.
Amaya – I think it’s good he stood up for black people else this could still be happening in the world now.
Havana – He went to university to be a lawyer.
Dylan – It was brilliant because it was really unfair for black people.
Lexi – I think it’s rally unfair he went to prison because when was just standing up for the rights of black people.

To be able to make choices

Bluebirds talked about knowing the difference between right and wrong and thought about why this needs to happen in school. We shared examples of problems we had experienced and also considered what we have to help us in school. We talked about the importance of Peacemakers. Mrs Parry was very pleased as the class all knew the questions used in the process. The class were reminded about the “needs” cards resource we have as sometimes it is not just an apology that is needed.

Ryan – I have seen Peacemakers in action at lunch. I needed some space.
Jessica – Last year, someone shouted at me. I needed space and wanted to decide for myself who I wanted to play with.
Ava – When you are playing with the same thing, you want friends to share nicely.
Blessed – Sometimes you just feel you want time to play alone.

We all heard the story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and discussed why it is important to always be honest and tell the truth.

Our new school councillors

This week, Bluebirds talked about voting fairly to choose our school councillors for this academic year. The rules were:

1) Vote for one boy and one girl
2) Do not vote for yourself
3) Do not ask others to choose you / just choose your best friend.
4) Keep your votes private

We decided what qualities were needed as these children need to be responsible role models with good listening and communication skills. Before we voted, we checked who would not want to do the role as not everyone necessarily wants to do this job!

Congratulations to Lexi and Dylan!

Learning about feelings

Mrs Parry read the class a story about a Finnish boy called Sami who was starting a new school. Afterwards, Bluebird considered all his different feelings throughout the story. The children each had a feeling word which they held up at the relevant part of the story to show their understanding of his feelings.

Lily, Lexi and Blessed shared with the class how they felt when they joined Bells Farm. They were also excited at the start and felt a bit anxious and nervous. They were glad they were made to feel welcome by the other class members and could remember who was their special friend, assigned to look after them during their first few days, whilst they settled in.