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Enjoying Motown!

Bluebirds enjoyed listening to some Motown in music lessons today.  Ain’t No Mountain High Enough proved to be the favourite song so far with the class! The children discussed the  pitch and dynamics of the song. Next the children practised copying and listening on glockenspiels before having a go at improvising.   A special well done to Karly, Maya, Jack and Jacob for some brilliant improvisation – they bravely performed in front of the rest of the class!

Representing Musical Notes

Bluebirds have been busy composing their own selection of notes to accompany the song they have been learning called Let Your Spirit Fly.  The children each made up their own symbols to represent the musical notes they had decided to use.
It was a very “tuneful” afternoon! 🎼

Observing music

This week, the Bluebirds in year 3 have been having music in the afternoon. We have been listening to music and trying to identify what instruments we can hear in the piece of music or song. We’ve also discussed what genre of music we thought it was, we particularly enjoyed disco!

We’ve been copying and following clapping rhythms and dance movements, showing our active listening skills and observation skills.

We have also been playing the xylophones along with songs, sharing with our partners, showing excellent team work.

Analysing a music track

Today, Bluebirds listened to a very famous song written by Bob Marley. They discovered this genre of music was called reggae and is played “off the beat.” Out of 26 children, only 5 did not like the track. It was very catchy and lots of people couldn’t help but jig along to the beat!

Bluebirds asked lots of questions about Bob Marley and wanted to know if he was still alive. We calculated he was only 36 when he died (1945 – 1981).

Bluebirds tried to listen out for which instruments were being played too.

Charlie – I think there’s a saxophone
Millie – Something sounds a bit like a violin
Jessica – There are some drums in it
Seth – May be a guitar is being used.

Video: Three Little Birds

This afternoon, Bluebirds listened and appraised a piece of reggae music by Bob Marley.

The children listened to how reggae is off the beat and tried to detect which instruments were used.
After, they copied rhythms and clapped beats, learning how to move to the pulse. Finally, the children started to learn the chorus of the song. Lots of children found the tune quite “catchy” and couldn’t resist rocking to the beat!

Mason – I can hear drums.
Taya – I think I can hear a guitar.
Amelia – I think there was a cymbal.
Zaynab – My Mum loves this song. she obsessed with it.
Kai – I know this is reggae. I’ve heard it at my Nan and Grandad’s house.