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English – Journey

This week in English, the Bluebirds started a new look called Journey.

Yesterday, we looked at two illustrations from the book and thought about what the girl might be thinking and feeling.

Today in school, the key worker children looked at the whole book. You can watch the video of the book at home here.

Today, we looked at two different illustrations from the book and thought of the nouns we can see in each picture, then we turned those nouns into noun phrases.

Speaking and Listening!

In Circle Time, children gave a rating of how how they felt from 1 – 5 (1 if not great/unhappy, 3 is ok/fine and 5 being fantastic!). We discussed recent listening difficulties in class such as talking when an adult is, interrupting each other and generally talking too much when we should be working. Mrs Parry then asked the class to look around the circle and choose another pupil they thought was a good speaker and one that was a good listener. Each child name someone and explained their reason why. Some children were surprised their names were mentioned whilst others felt quite pleased and flattered.

Good listeners – Amelia, Harley, Frankie, Kai, Callum C, Nashe, Moharnab, Leo, Taya Shona and Nathan. Some of these are good listeners as friends and talk partners whilst some were mentioned for knowing what to do as they have listened to instructions carefully from the teacher.

Some children were the same people were named by several people. Shona was mentioned three times as she listens carefully to both her friends and also instructions from an adult. She also explains things to other pupils well and always knows what to do. Lewis listens carefully as he knows all the answers and can explain what to do to others. Amelia can always be seen showing active listening and always knows what to do. Kaiden also explains to others what to do when they are stuck which shows he has listened. Taya is good at explaining things in different ways to help people understand if they are having trouble. Callum Cornfield helps children back at the table if they need reminding what to do and is also a great maths partner to Ke Xin. Moharnab helps people if they are stuck as he can explain his thinking and always listens on the carpet so he always knows what to do.

Mrs Parry reminded the children who had said they were not great or unhappy this morning, to think about talking to the good listeners in class today if they felt they needed someone. She also reminded good listeners and good speakers to keep an eye out to help any friends that might need someone to talk to today.

Discussing our value word – friendship

Bluebirds discussed this month’s value word of friendship. They realised it linked with this week’s RE lesson as they had discussed qualities of a good friend when learning about Jesus and his disciples. After considering the qualities we also discussed caring and being respectful to one another as friends and also with regards to our equipment. The children discussed taking responsibility for classroom possessions and taking care of them. We also talked about having a positive attitude and taking pride by tidying up just to be caring, helpful or as a random act of kindness to other members of the class. This would benefit everyone as a whole!

Asking for consent or permission

During Circle Time, Year 3 Bluebirds continued the Safer Internet Week theme – consent – Miss Timerick asked Bluebirds for examples of when they have to ask a parent or carer for permission. To do or have something.

After, we talked about when someone has to ask US permission to do something! Answers included:

Taya – my friends have to ask to use my glitter.
Dayne – my brother has to ask to go into my bedroom
Ryan – I asked Nathan if I could play at his house one day
Moharnab – My brother asks permission to borrow my book

We also had quite a few children say their Mums asked if they could have some of their chocolate!

In school, we thought about asking for permission in school such as asking for the toilet, whether you can have a drink, use a dictionary, go in the book corner, change a book, use coloured pens and if you can sharpen a pencil.

Finally, the children were asked when do they need permission to do something online.

Esmay – to go on the internet
Leo – ask if I can talk to someone else on line in a game
Lewis – ask to play on line games
Dayne – I ask to borrow my brother’s XBox
Alexi – at school we have to ask Mr Baddhan if we can go on the internet or download/ print photos from the internet.
Nyeema – children ask to go on social media or over age games

Some children ask parents if they can go on to a game with an age restrictions.

Christmas check in

This morning during check in, we talked about the fact that not everyone had enjoyed their weekend. Mrs Parry asked the children to look around the circle and check out everyones’ thumbs. Some were up, others were half way and a few were down. She explained although Christmas is an exciting time it can also be a difficult time for some people for lots of different reasons. Bluebirds decided to make an extra special effort to be nice to one another as we spend our last school week of 2018 together. Mrs Parry reminded the class that our value word for this month is thoughtfulness. Shona had made a lovely message over the weekend which ended our circle time perfectly.

Choose Respect

Bluebirds considered and answered the question, “How do you know if someone’s showing you respect.” There were so many good answers we have included them all in the photo below! Well done Bluebirds.

Mrs Parry and Mrs Johnson were extremely proud of all the thoughtful comments that Bluebirds made both in the live Twitter Takeover in the playground and during the online safety film in this morning’s assembly.

Video: What is respect?

This morning, Bluebirds arrived to school wearing odd socks to give the message that it is ok to be different and indeed, we are all different! We talked about looking and behaving differently all liking different activities, subjects and even people. The children all thought about what they understood by the word RESPECT and what it mean to them. Watch our video…. do you agree?!