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Stone Age Soup

Bluebirds have been looking at the process of soup making from growing the vegetables to how it ends up in a tin.
They made their own vegetable soup using the ingredients that they chose e.g. sweet potato, croquets, and green beans.
The children peeled, cut, and cooked their soup until it was ready to eat.
Most of the children seemed to enjoy the tasting of the soup the best!

Market Research

Bluebirds were very busy this afternoon being taste testers as they are going to be designing and making Stone Age soup.  First they needed to research the existing marketplace.  There were 5 flavours to smell and taste.  Here are the results of the class favourites!
Mixed vegetable soup – 12
Pea and Mint – 6
Carrot and Parsnip – 4
Chick Pea and Spinach – 2
Leek and Potato – 1

Making pencil cases

Bluebirds have been busily learning and practising their running stitch, back stitch and over stitch recently. This week they have measured and cut out their material carefully. Yesterday, everyone decided which stitch to use and began sewing the sides up of their pencil case. Lots of perseverance and patience was needed. It was busier than Santa’s workshop! Next, Bluebirds will be attaching their button and decorating them.

Planning pencil cases!

Bluebirds have been looking at a range of pencil cases to find out what type of fasteners can be used and what materials are used. Afterwards, the class used a design sheet to plan their own pencil case which they are going to make. They had to consider what materials and equipment would be needed along with thinking how they would join the case together, ensuring it would be the right size and planning the decoration.

Moving Easter Cards evaluation

Bluebirds performed self evaluations on their Easter Cards. They had to consider whether they were pleased with their product, what had worked well and what they had learnt from it or would do differently next time, if they made it again. Most pupils were pleased with their final piece.

Others reflected upon cutting or gluing more carefully and accurately to make the card move more smoothly and effectively. Some children reflected on the appearance of the card and decided they would colour in neater or choose a different colour scheme.

Moving Easter cards!

Bluebirds have carefully planned and designed their Easter Cards with moving parts.

They had to follow instructions and demonstrate accurate cutting and gluing skills to ensure the moving parts worked. Plenty of perseverance was needed but cards look super at the end of the lesson!

Evaluating our pencil cases

Finally, Bluebirds evaluated what went went well with their pencil cases. They talked about what they were especially pleased about before considering what was tricky and how they could improve if they’d were to do the task again. They discussed what advice they could give next to year’s class.

Creating pencil cases!

Over the last week, Bluebirds have been very busy creating some beautiful pencil cases. Once they had planned their design they got to work, mastering their stitching techniques and decorating the cases with felt shapes and buttons. The pencil cases are complete with Velcro fasteners!