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Tortoise shop

Our shop was a great success this afternoon. Lots of parents came and bought the children’s lovely work. Class Three make excellent sales people!

Thank you to all the people who came to our shop. Read our blog tomorrow to see how much money we made!

See all the pictures from today in the slideshow below.

Maths Week

Mrs Sargant told us about what Tortilla needs. She showed us the food he eats, the special cage he lives in, the light and heat mat to keep him warm, his bath, his bowl and the woodchippings he has to sleep on. We realised that owning a pet costs lots of money!

We used the netbooks and the Media Centre to research how much tortoise equipment would cost. Here are some of the things we found…


What the Year 3 children thought of Maths Week!

The children were asked what they enjoyed about Maths Week.  this is what they said:

 “I liked Maths Week because making the newspaper towers were amazing and lots of fun.”  Leah

“I liked building the towers because we worked together in a group.”  Emi

“I liked the arty Maths because I liked drawing the shapes.”  Brianna

“I liked measuring the water because it was fun and I learned a lot.”  Reece

“In Maths Week I liked it when we could choose from the different Maths activities.”  Kai E

“I enjoyed the Maths art as Art is my favourite subject.  Building towers was fun too.”  Mya

“I liked building towers and working together.” Nathan

“Building newspapers towers was good as we had to share and work together.” Kai M

“In Maths Week I liked the tower building.”  Charles

“In Maths Week I enjoyed the Magic Square challenge.” Ellie

“I had fun building the towers.”  Bethany

“I liked the different Maths activities because I liked doing the maths puzzles.”  Paige

“I liked doing my times tables.” Abdul

“I liked the paper towers.”  Archie

“”I liked the Paul Klee artwork because I made lots of shapes and patterns.”  Aidan

“In Maths Week I liked the art work where we made and coloured shapes.” Ramla

“I liked listening to the Maths stories.”  Isabel

“”I liked the building the towers because ours was good.”  Willow

“I liked reading the Maths stories and making the faces for the numberline.”  Chelsea

“I enjoyed all of the different activities.”  Phoebe

“I enjoyed everything as I had fun and learned a lot of Maths.”  Josh

“I enjoyed building the towers and doing Magic Squares.  I had fun.”  Poppy

“I had fun making the towers.” Cody

“I enjoyed choosing from different Maths activities.”  Sam

“In Maths Week I liked the Maths art work.”  Dylan

“In Maths Week I liked subtracting and adding up.”  Charlie