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Safety Superheroes


Today for Safety Week we talked about Safety in the home. We talked about all the things that could go wrong if people don’t take care. We then designed our own superheroes to save people from accidents at home.

Here are some of our ideas.

  • My Superhero is saving people from getting burnt by hot cups of tea. Carley
  • Mine is saving babies from falling out of windows. Ben
  • My superhero saves people from burning fires. Harry
  • My superhero saves people from hurting themselves with nails and hammers. Wana
  • My hero saves a baby who is about to kick over a cup of tea. Leo
  • My superhero stops babies from taking tablets. Aisha
  • Helping others keep safe

    Well done to Aidan who won the Safety Superhero competition on Wednesday.

    Today we thought about the different jobs that people do to help keep others safe. We worked as a group and came up with lots of great ideas. Then we chose one job that we would like to do. We wrote about our job for the compteition. We can’t wait to see who wins.

    Keeping safe at home

    Well done to Mackenzie who won yesterday’s road safety poster competition.

    Today we thought about keeping safe at home. We designed safety superheroes. They all had very important jobs. this is what we said about our superheroes.

    “My safety hero is called Sam and he checks that medicine is safe.” Sam

    “My hero is Lucy. She looks after children when they have hot drinks.” Phoebe

    “My saftey hero is called Dave. He makes sure noone goes by the cooker and gets burnt.” Josh

    “My hero is called Bruce Lee and he makes sure there are no fires in the night.” Mackenzie

    “My hero is Ella. she makes sure young children don’t touch fire.” Ramla

    “Keira makes sure people cross the road safely.” Chelsea

    “My character is called Ninja Boy and makes sure people don’t fall off furniture and cut themselves.” Kai M

    “Sensai helps people cross the road and sometimes helps them to not burn themselves.” charles

    “My hero is called Coaster the Roaster and he helps children to not get burnt.” Cody

    “”My hero is Kai and he makes sure children don’t play near windows.” Willow

    “My hero is Kai and he tests smoke alarms” Leah

    “My safety hero is called Be Careful. He astops children from cutting themselves on sharp objects” Kai E

    “My hero is called Super Sammy. He stops people getting burnt.” Ellie

    “Solomon helps to make sure people don’t trap their fingers.” Solomon

    “My hero is called Super dan and he checks that food is not out of date.” Dylan

    “Stan makes sure children don’t eat anything that they shouldn’t eat.” Poppy

    “My hero is called Bri and she makes sure little children don’t touch tablets and medicines.” Brianna

    “My hero is Abdul and he helps people cross the road.” Abdul

    “Turtleman keeps people safe from kettles.” Aidan

    “My safety hero is called Stephanie and she makes sure people don’t leave their children on their own.” Bethany

    “My hero is Theresa (Gymnastic Girl). She helps people cross the road and looks after little children on their own. Mya

    “My superhero is called Fred and he looks after children at home” Reece

    “My safety hero is called Super Charlie. He is super strong and stops people getting hurt.” Charlie

    “My hero is Super Ellie and she looks after babies.” Isabel

    “My hero is Nathan and he makes sure babies don’t fall out of high chairs.” Nathan

    “My hero is Super Poppy. she makes sure children don’t put their fingers into plug sockets.” Paige