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Our Final Forest Schools Session


As it is the last week of term, we had a very special Forest School session today. The whole class went outside and played lots of games of Stuck in the Mud, Acky and Tig. We also had time to choose what we wanted to play. Some of us made daisy chains, some of us found worms, some of us climbed trees and some of us just chilled out!

To finish the session we all enjoyed drinking hot chocolate! Thank you Mrs Johnson for fantastic fun at Forest Schools this term!

Forest schools Group 2, session 2


We enjoyed our second Forest School lesson today. We are getting very good at our compass points and know our directions very well. Today we learned about clockwise and anti-clockwise turns and right angles. Joshua B was very good at demonstrating these to the class.

After that we worked with a partner to read and follow directions.

We finished the session with a great game of Stuck in the Mud.

Forest Schools Group 2 session 1


Group Two really enjoyed their first Forest School session today. They were very good at learning their compass directions and Leo even taught us two rhymes to help us remember them:

“Never Eat Shredded Wheat”

“Naughty Elephants Squirt Water”

We made our compasses point to North and followed the arrow. Then we practised finding different directions.

Forest Schools, Group 1 session 4


This afternoon in Forest School group one became pirates. We worked in groups to complete a very tricky treasure hunt. We had to look around the forest to find the questions and then match the answers to the questions. We then had to fill them in in the right place on our crossword.

Mrs Johnson and Miss Bowkett were very pleased with how well we worked. Special mention must go to Hazel, Harley, Sahara and Kyann who were particularly good pirates!

Forest Schools

Today was our last Forest School session. The whole class went out together and had a lovely time. First we played a great game in a circle which made us communicate with each other without talking. We had to use our eyesight to know when it was our turn to stand up.

The we collected a story stick from the forest. We spent some time searching the forest for interesting items, then we had to use these to tell a story. We had some great ideas!