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Using watercolours

Bluebirds learnt how to create a wash today to represent the cave wall before mixing and blending water colours to create some very authentic looking cave paintings. The children have really enjoyed working with different mediums to create different effects.

We like pencil best because it’s fun (Seth), it’s not too messy (Mila) and you can produce a neat picture (Ibrahim).

We preferred using the chalk pastels because you get a sharp effect whereas the watercolour is smoother (Ava) and you can blend the colours (Millie). Jessica thought the pastels are brighter but the watercolours bring the different colours out.


Bluebirds have been looking at a range of portraits by different artists. They have been learning how to position features on the face and also considering proportion and size too. They drew a self portrait and have been experimenting with water colour paints this week.

Video: Egyptian Day

Bluebirds have thoroughly enjoyed a full Egyptian day today with “The History Man.” This morning, they learnt all about River Nile, mummification, weapons, daily life, clothes, food, pyramids and games. The children had the opportunity to handle replicas and artefacts which was very exciting!

After lunch, the children experienced a hands on practical workshop experience and had the chance to use/play with all the equipment. It was very noisy but great fun! In addition, the children all made clay scarab beetle seals and cartouches with hieroglyphics, made sketches of some of the items and wrote in hieroglyphics on papyrus paper.