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Daisy’s home learning work!

Last week the Bluebirds were learning at home, Mrs Moore was so pleased with the work that was given in on Monday and the effort everyone put into their work. Many gold and silver cards were given out to the children who did some excellent work.

One of the home learning tasks was to draw or paint a picture that resembled a cave painting. Daisy C gave in her paintings on Monday and it was clear how hard she had worked on them. Mrs Moore was extremely impressed and Daisy’s paintings will be displayed on our Stone Age display!

Well done Daisy C!

Our Stone Age Boy Display

This afternoon in Golden Time, year 3 worked together to create the Boy and Om for our Stone Age Boy display. We all painted small bits to create each character to go on our display board in the hall.

When the characters are finished they will go on the board along with some of our work, including, our letter to Om, our diary entries and photographs of our fantastic Stonehenge in clay.

Coming soon… watch this space!

Stonehenge in clay!

Last week on Friday, we had a rather messy topic lesson in year 3! We were recreating Stonehenge in clay!

First, we came up with some ideas to why Stonehenge might have been built – we had some fantastic ones!

Then we had a go at making parts of Stonehenge in clay to bring together to form a class collaboration of Stonehenge in clay.

It looks really impressive – well done Year 3, what a team effort!

Representing our feelings

In PSHE this week, we discussed our feelings. Bluebirds thought about different types of feelings and what can make us feel that way. On the interactive white board, we looked at different pictures and images and talked about how they made us feel or what emotion they were representing.

We decided a beach was relaxing and calm, a thunderstorm was scared or maybe angry and a tree in the wind might represent being sad.

We drew our own pictures to represent different emotions and feelings, have a look and see if you can guess which one they are!

Using watercolours

Bluebirds learnt how to create a wash today to represent the cave wall before mixing and blending water colours to create some very authentic looking cave paintings. The children have really enjoyed working with different mediums to create different effects.

We like pencil best because it’s fun (Seth), it’s not too messy (Mila) and you can produce a neat picture (Ibrahim).

We preferred using the chalk pastels because you get a sharp effect whereas the watercolour is smoother (Ava) and you can blend the colours (Millie). Jessica thought the pastels are brighter but the watercolours bring the different colours out.