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This afternoon, Bluebirds have been getting the mood for the Platinum Jubilee.
First of all we watched an old film clip of the Queen’s Coronation as some children thought we were celebrating her birthday! Mrs Parry shared a book with them called “Little Elizabeth” which was packed with information and facts about the Queen’s life.  Next we made a timeline of some events with photos of periods during Queen Elizabeth’s reign.
We watched an amusing short film about the Queen’s hat which even included her special Corgi dog!  Here is the link:
After that, we all got crafty and created a collage in the shape of the Queen’s profile like we see on our stamps. (Look out for these on display during Arts week in July!).  We also styled some golden crowns with fancy paper plates.   We learnt to sing a special song called Platinum Jubilee – watch our recording of the chorus!

Here is the whole song.



Canopic Jars

On Friday last week, Bluebirds designed and made canopic jars in clay. This afternoon they painted them. We used metallic paint as canopic jars were usually decorated in rich, opulent colours.
Ancient Egyptians used these to store the lungs, stomach, intestines, and liver because they believed the dead person would need them ready for the afterlife. Bluebirds are extremely proud of their fantastic Canopic jars. We had some fantastic creations.

Canopic Jars

Today, Bluebirds learnt all about how Ancient Egyptians used Canopic jars to store human organs in. After choosing an animal, the class designed individual jars and considered decoration and colour.

Cave Paintings

Bluebirds painted a wash background last week ready to paint their Stone Age animals today.  They had to make sure they used appropriate colours that were used in the Stone Age times and mixed colours to make shades.   Last week, they needed big brushes for the wash but this week, very fine brushes were needed to paint final black outlines.

Cave Paintings

The Bluebirds in Year 3 have sketched and painted in the style of Stone Age cave paintings this week in their art lesson. Here is just a small selection of the fantastic paintings the children have created. We’re sure you will agree we have a very talented class of artists.

Designing Canopic Jars

Last term, the Bluebirds in year 3 learned all about Ancient Egypt in Topic. This week in Art, we are remembering our Topic lessons in art.

We are designing canopic jars to then make our design out of clay. Canopic jars were used by ancient Egyptians to hold mummified remains. During the mummification process, all of a person’s major organs were removed and placed in canopic jars.

Here are some of our designs:

Calendars for 2021

Today, the Bluebirds in Year 3 had a brilliant (and slightly messy time) time printing their 2021 calendars!

We made prints for the four seasons from polystyrene cards and printed them in black paint.

Each section was a different colour background and a different print for the four seasons.

We put a black boarder around each season to really make it stand out. They look fantastic year 3, well done!