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Chinese New Year

We learned about Chinese New Year. In Class Three we are Roosters and Dogs. Miss Bowkett is a rat (she is very clever as she won the race!) Mrs Sargant is a rooster. We asked the teachers what their Chinese animals are:

Mrs Butterworth is a dragon – Ellie
Jane the Cook is a goat. – Dylan
Mr Croser is a rat. – Poppy
Mrs Croft is a horse. – Kai E
Miss Parton is a pig. – Willow
Mrs Knipe is a horse. – Cody
Mrs Green is an ox. – Chelsea
Michelle the cook is a rooster. – Kai M
Mrs Johnson is a monkey. – Ramla
Mrs Hatfield is a snake. – Mackenzie
Mrs Rose is a goat – Archie
Mrs Franklin is a dog. – Leah
Mrs Jones is a snake. – Sam
Mr Baddhan is a rooster. – Emi
Miss Birmingham is a rabbit. – Josh
Coach Adam is a tiger. – Nathan
Mrs Lloyd is an ox. – Paige
Ms Warner is a pig. – Charlie
Miss Perry is a rabbit. – Brianna
Coach Steve is a rooster. – Aidan
Mrs Hallahan is a dragon. – Mya

Do you know what animal you are? Use the Chinese horoscope below to find out!


A poem about the forest

We worked as a big group with Miss Bowkett to write a poem about the forest.

This is our finished poem:
What could be in the forest?
Let’s have a look…
The trees, the dark, swaying trees, swishing side-to-side, battering the boy like a bat and ball.
The cow, the colossal, milky moo-cow, standing as still as a statue, staring at the confused boy.
The coat, the comfy but a bit girly coat, swinging side-to-side, ready to make the boy warm.
The boy, the confident but confused boy, meeting strange people on his way to Grandma’s cottage.
Now our forest adventure is over. Did you expect all of this to be in the forest?


Retelling our versions of Into the Forest

After three weeks of thinking, drafting and editing, we wrote some brilliant first-person stories to retell Into the Forest, taking on the role of the boy. Some of us worked with Mr Baddhan to record ourselves reading our writing.

Times table songs

Here are the songs that remind our year 3 class the times table. Year 3 will now be able to listen at home and practice their times table.

Making boring subjects exciting!

In Literacy we had to use our imagination to make everyday, boring objects sound exciting. We were given a mug, a lego brick, a piece of ribbon, a pen and a stick.

Here are some of our descriptions:

The spotty, dotty knotted ribbon, tangled like a skipping rope. – Mya

The pen, scribbling quickly, leaving a blue inky trail – Brianna

The stick, snapping loudly, like a hungry tiger roaring. – Isabel

The pen, slipping swifly out of my mhands, landing on a plain piece of white paper. – Aidan

The plain white mug, falling quickly off the table, smacking the rock floor like a stone being thrown into a river. – Nathan