Monthly Archives: February 2014

Pancake Day comes early to Year 3!

Year Three are going to be so busy next week so we decided to have to have pancake day today instead of on Tuesday! We looked at a Powerpoint (below) about Shrove Tuesday and talked about why Christians give things up for Lent. We read the story of Jesus in the Desert which explains why we have Shrove Tuesday and then produced some lovely writing for our display.

This afternoon we enjoyed eating some pancakes with chocolate and strawberry sauce. They were delicious!

Click here to read about Shrove Tuesday and why Christians give things up

Can you answer these questions?
How long does Lent last?
Why do people give up treats during Lent?
Why did Jesus go to the desert?
What did the devil try to do?
Why did Jesus refuse to do what the devil told him?
What could you give up for Lent?

Bar Charts

This afternoon we learned about Bar Charts. We made four tally charts as a class and then worked in groups to turn the data into four Bar Charts.

After that we played some games on Education City where we had to make and read Bar Charts.

Growing Plants

In Science we are learning about growing plants. Today we went into the playground and looked at different sorts of plants. We then thought about why we need plants and the types of foods that grow on plants.

How many foods can you think of that grow on plants?
Can you think of any other reasons why we need plants?
How can we make sure our plants grow well?

Heroes and Villains

Our new topic is Heroes and Villains. Today we had two questions to answer:

What makes a good hero?
What makes a good Villain?

These are our ideas.

Then we thought about the heroes and villains we already know about. Can you guess who we are describing from our clues?