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Florence Nightingale

This afternoon we learned some more about Florence Nightingale. We looked at the conditions in the hospital as she arrived and then talked about how she improved them. We worked with a partner to think of questions we would like to ask Florence about the hospital. Then we did some role play.

Here are some of our questions for Florence.

After our role play we learned about Florence Nightingale being called ‘The lady of the lamp’. We made our own lamps.

Can you remember the answers to these questions?
What was the name of the war?
Where was the hospital?
What did Florence Nightingale see when she first went into the hospital?
How did Florence Nightingale Nightingale improve the hospital conditions?
Why was she known as ‘The lady of the lamp’?

Mother’s Day Assembly

Year 3 did a Mother’s Day Assembly this morning and wow it was terrific! The parents, who attended, were left emotional after the wonderful children in Year 3 touched hearts with some songs, humour and loving video messages.

Watch the assembly in full below. Also, watch our Year 3 children with messages to their mums.

Finished Sunflower Paintings

We worked very hard in Art this morning and have finally completed our sunflower paintings. They look fantastic!

Can you remember:
What was the name of the artist who painted Sunflowers?
Which country did he come from?
What colours did he use to paint Sunflowers?
Why did he choose those colours?
What did you like about the sunflower painting?
Whose painting did you like in Class Three?

Making our own worms!

This afternoon we made our own worms. Later this week we will be writing some instructions to explain how we did it.

Can you remember:
What did you use?
What did you do first?
How many instructions were there?
What are imperative verbs?
What time connectives did we use to start each instruction?

Our finished worm leaflets!

On Friday in Literacy we worked very hard to finish our explanation leaflets about worms. We had to make sure that we included all the features of a leaflet:

  • Facts
  • Key words
  • Bullet points
  • Pictures
  • Interesting sentences
  • Worm related vocabulary

  • Do you like our leaflets?
    Leah’s Leaflet – Click here
    Abdul’s Leaflet – Click here
    Archie’sLeaflet – Click here
    Bethany’s Leaflet – Click here
    Ellie’s Leaflet – Click here