Monthly Archives: April 2014

Solving tricky maths problems!

In Maths today we carried on with our number sequences. We had some tricky problems to solve but did very well!

These are some examples of our questions:
What number did I start on if I count on six steps of 7 and reach 45?
Write a sequence of six steps counting back in 6s and making sure all the numbers are even.
Write the next 3 numbers 66, 59, 52, 45…

Egg technology

Wow! Year Three have been working very hard at home to make their entries for the egg technology competition. Mrs Butterworth and Miss Outhwaite had such trouble choosing the winner from our class that we ended up with two!

Well done to Poppy and Kai E for their winning entries.

Poppy and Kai E with their winning entries
Poppy and Kai E with their winning entries