Monthly Archives: September 2014

How respectful?


In Circle Time, Year 3 Bluebirds talked about how they have used our value word Respect this month.

I asked Ruby-lee to play because she was sad.

I let my cousin have one of my teddy’s.

I showed respect to the animals by feeding them.

I went to football training with Fabian, when I fouled him I said are you ok?

I opened the door for my mum because she had lots of shopping in her hands.

When my friends come over I let them with my toys

Guided Reading


This morning we had our first Guided Reading lesson. We all worked very hard and did some great reading. Today Group One read to Miss Bowkett, Group Two answered some reading comprehension questions, Group Three read with Mrs Sargant, Group Four went on Bug Club with Mr Baddhan and Group Five chose a book from the book corner.

We are looking forward to doing a different reading activity tomorrow.