Monthly Archives: October 2014

Safety Superheroes


Today for Safety Week we talked about Safety in the home. We talked about all the things that could go wrong if people don’t take care. We then designed our own superheroes to save people from accidents at home.

Here are some of our ideas.

  • My Superhero is saving people from getting burnt by hot cups of tea. Carley
  • Mine is saving babies from falling out of windows. Ben
  • My superhero saves people from burning fires. Harry
  • My superhero saves people from hurting themselves with nails and hammers. Wana
  • My hero saves a baby who is about to kick over a cup of tea. Leo
  • My superhero stops babies from taking tablets. Aisha
  • Angles


    In Maths today we used a pipe cleaner to represent different angles. First we made a right angle, then an acute angle and then an obtuse angle. We then used our pipe-cleaner to find things in the classroom that were different angles.

    Can you remember what and obtuse and acute angle are?