Monthly Archives: November 2014

Finished Into the Forest Stories

Our finished Into the Forest stories are looking really good. We tried so hard to use descriptive language and write in first person. Here are Lola’s, Megan’s, Kyron’s and Sahara’s finished stories.

Lola’s finished story (click to enlarge)

Kyron’s finished story (click to enlarge)

Sahara’s finished story (click to enlarge)

Megan’s finished story (click to enlarge)

Computing – Collecting Data

This afternoon we collected some data from the class. We all worked in groups to think of a question to investigate. Here are some of our ideas.


Next, we thought of choices for people to select from.

Then we asked our friends for their ideas.

Next, we thought about how we would show our results. Some people suggested a graph, other people said a table.

Next week we are going to use a program on the computer called 2Graph to collate our findings.

Into the Forest Writing

This morning we worked really hard on a piece of writing based upon Into the Forest story. We had to pretend we were the little boy and describe our adventures using first person. We also had to use descriptive language to explain how the boy felt on his journey. There were some super pieces of writing produced. Keep watching our blog and we will post some of the finished pieces soon!

Bluebirds class are caring!

In RE today we talked about the word ‘caring’. First we thought about what we do for others and what people do for us.

After that we were asked a trickier question – What can we do for the environment. We had some ideas like:

We thought about what we can do to help the school environment:

We then talked about how we can look after the outside of the school environment. We went outside to have a look.