Monthly Archives: February 2015

Chinese New Year Art


To follow on from our morning lesson about Chinese New Year, we enjoyed spending our Art lesson making Chinese things. We had some excellent dragons, lanterns, blossom pictures and fans and are sure they will look great when we change our classroom displays.

Local Area Walk

This morning we went on our walk around Druids Heath. Our task was to find examples of good things and bad things about the area so that we can put together a persuasive letter for Mrs Knipe. We worked in groups and used ipads to take photos of some of the things we saw. For each photo we took we had to be able to describe why it was good or bad for Mrs Knipe.

When we got back to school we worked in our groups and sorted out our photos. We came up with our top five arguments for and against living in Druids Heath.


Here are some of the photos that Hazel, Joshua T, Elizabeth and Leo took showing some good and bad things about living in Druids Heath.

Persuasive Letters

In Literacy today we learned of Mrs Knipe’s dilemma.

Mrs Knipe really needs our help in deciding whether or not to move to Druids Heath. She wants us to write her a persuasive letter next week to tell her our opinions. We read an example of a persuasive letter and thought about some of the techniques used. This is what we found:

Tomorrow we are looking forward to going for a walk around Druids Heath to take some photographs for Mrs Knipe to help with our arguments.