Monthly Archives: March 2015

Jelly Challenge


In Science this morning, Mr Altariva set us a jelly challenge. We had to use sticks to transfer cubes of jelly from tray to tray. We were timed and had to try and beat our time.

Next we tried it with oil on the jelly. We found that the oil made the jelly slippy so it was more difficult to beat our times.

Change for Change


We have been very busy during the month of March collecting loose change to help support people who are less fortunate than ourselves. We are hoping to afford to buy a goat for these people. This morning we counted the money very carefully.

Class Three have raised a grand total of £30.27. A goat costs £30! Excellent work Year Three!

Easter Baskets


We have been working very hard over the last few days to make our Easter baskets. We had to colour them in, cut out the net and stick it together and then attach a handle. We are hoping that the Easter Bunny is impressed enough to fill them with eggs!



In Phonics this morning, Miss Bowkett’s group had a challenge. They had to make their own word-search about a topic of their choice. Then they worked together to see if they could solve a friend’s puzzle. There were some very tricky puzzles produced but everyone did a great job of solving them!

Hip hop dancing in Scratch


Year 3 Bluebirds spent the afternoon with Mr Baddhan programming a hip hop dancer in Scratch.

They were asked to to choose a background, and then use the move, play drum and play sound blocks. The children were also shown the repeat command and when to use this.

Well done to Casey, Hanson, Omari, Jessica, Nimca, Lola and Fabian who particularly stood out with today’s task.

Our Final Forest Schools Session


As it is the last week of term, we had a very special Forest School session today. The whole class went outside and played lots of games of Stuck in the Mud, Acky and Tig. We also had time to choose what we wanted to play. Some of us made daisy chains, some of us found worms, some of us climbed trees and some of us just chilled out!

To finish the session we all enjoyed drinking hot chocolate! Thank you Mrs Johnson for fantastic fun at Forest Schools this term!