Monthly Archives: May 2015

Fantasy stories


Year 3 have been writing their fantasy stories today, after several lessons creating characters, editing and improving. They all have done a spectacular job and Mr Altariva and Mrs Sargant are looking forward to displaying their great work. Kyann wrote near five pages of good quality writing. Excellent work Year 3! Treasure these stories for years to come!


Fun Maths


Year 3 today have been learning to add fractions. They have been doing this by creating a pizza delivery order. The person ordering the pizza would ask for fractions of the different toppings, whilst the person on the phone would record the delivery on a whiteboard. “Maths is really fun, that didn’t even feel like a math’s lesson”, Harley.

Viking Gods


Bluebirds class today leaned about Viking Gods. they leaned about what their super powers were and all about them. We learned about Odin, Thor, Frey and Freya and also Loki. Mr Altariva asked the children to draw their own Viking Gods and write about them. “Mines the goddess of love”, Chloe.

Fractions into decimals


Bluebirds class learned how to turn fractions into decimals today. They learned about tenths then one hundredths, in their previous lesson. They then found out how to change these fractions into decimals. After that we ordered the decimals. They all did so well. For their task they ordered money from smallest to largest and also distance in metres.

French Bingo!


Today Bluebirds class did a French lesson on how they were feeling. The teacher would ask ‘comment allez vous?’ or ‘how are you?’ Then they would respond using a range of emotions they could respond with.

They then created coloured faces they could play bingo with. Each table had to colour in a range of emotions displayed on paper plates. The teacher would call out the emotions and the table that raised the correct face first one a prize. ‘A really fun way to learn’ Hanson. ‘I really enjoyed learning french’ Elizabeth.