Monthly Archives: July 2015

When I grow up


In Year 3 we had a discussion about when we grow up. We talked about our aspirations and dreams. Also, we talked about the things we wanted out of life and how we would get there. Some wanted to be teachers and some wanted to work with animals. It was really interesting to share our own thoughts.

Creating a PowerPoint


Bluebirds did a marvellous job in creating their own PowerPoint today. It was their first time using the program and so they were very excited to learn about new techniques. Mr Altariva allowed them to choose from a range of topics to create more of a buzz atmosphere and fuel their enthusiasm. Mr Altariva is so proud of you Year 3, Well done!

Measuring perimeter of our classroom


Bluebirds have been learning to measure the perimeter of our classroom. First we created a floor plan of the classroom. Next, we would go around the classroom systematically measuring the width of the walls with metre ruler sticks. We found out the perimeter of the classroom by adding up all the total lengths.

As an extension task, the children were asked create their ideal classroom on their plans. Well done Bluebirds, outstanding work!

Measuring units


Year 3 Bluebirds had a fantastic Maths lesson today. They learned about measuring units in more depth, from their previous understanding.

First they learned how to measure length in cm and metres. Next, they learned how to weight objects using different scales. They then found out the weight of objects could be measured in grams and kilograms. They all weighed themselves and found out some really exciting information. Finally, they learned that capacity could measured in ml and litres. For their task the children had to compare measurements and write down the correct answers in their books.

Mr Altariva and Mrs Sargant were amazed at the results!

Well done Bluebirds.